A Sequence of Events [v0.01] By AnonDux

AnonDux Games released a new game called A Sequence of Events and the version is 0.01. The game’s story is about It tells the story of a simple household consisting of a mother, Irene, and the main character (Sam, changeable). They live a rather ordinary life but even the most ordinary life can be completely turned upside down because of one sequence of events.​

Developer: AnonDux
File Size: 225.7 MB
Version: 0.01
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

0.01 (Prologue) – Initial Release

Developer Notes:

In the prologue you will find 4 separate endings that will lead to 4 separate routes (which I will develop), those endings can be reached if you made the correct choices. Public poll on which route I should focus on first is in my Patreon, those routes are:

  • Route A – Hell/Abuse: Irene absolutely hates Sam with all her guts and swore that she will make his life a living hell. There might be a chance for him to fight back in this route.
  • Route B – Submission: Sam realize just how fucked up the thing he did was that he completely surrenders to Irene, Irene on the other hand is entirely willing to give him the proper punishment (and more).
  • Route C – Corruption: Irene blames herself for what happened, and in that moment of weakness Sam took advantage, his goal is to manipulate her into the woman from his fucked up fantasies.
  • Route D – ‘Love’: They both blame each other, trying their best to gather everything back to normal, along the way something akin to love starts to blossom… before someone else decided to put his hand on it. I consider it the Classic NTR route.

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