A Tale of One City [v3.2] By Project Blossom

Project Blossom Games released a new game called A Tale of One City and the version is 3.2. The game’s story is about A Tale of One City is a sandbox game with many characters to interact and locations to visit and explore. The game has some RPG elements as well you will get to build up your stats and gain perks as well. With more stats and perks, more opportunities will be open to players. The Story takes place in a coastal city, where a young man who just graduated a college is about to start his career as a businessman. Business career aside, the city is full of potential for this young man’s adventure.

Developer: Project Blossom
File Size: 18.58 GB
Version: 3.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v3.2 public

  • 1. Story Event
  • – 3 new story events
  • – Chloe and her bestie Cassidy
  • 2. Reward rework update – 12 old reward events
  • (1) Cherry in guest room (night time) (relax – Random trigger)
  • (2) Cherry in kitchen (day time) (snack – Random trigger)
  • (3) Tori in beach house bedroom (night time)
  • (4) Tori in beach house living room (day time)
  • (5) Tori in beach house pool (day time)
  • (6) Jenna in department (weekday day time)
  • (7) Jenna (weekend night time date)
  • (8) Jenna (weekday night time date)
  • (9) Jenna in my room (relax – Random trigger)
  • (10) Jenna in her room (weekend day time – Random trigger)
  • (11) Jenna in her room (weekend nap – Random trigger)
  • (12) Jenna in livingroom (weekend relax – Random trigger)
  • Current progress
  • Jenna reward rework, completed
  • Jen, 1 more to go
  • Tori, 3 more to go
  • Cherry, 1 more to go
  • Mrs. Miller, 5 more to go
  • Kimmy, 3 more to go
  • Sub-characters, 11 more to go

3. Bugfix
1) Cherry events trigger bugs
2) Kyley events trigger bugs

Developer Notes:

Development Plan: (changed 9/24) 1. 1st focus for the future updates will the company route – add how the MC climb up the ladder using his wits and abilities (including sexual one for sure :D) – add means to earn money: we are aware that the game currently lacks means to earn money, especially considering how expensive some of the stuffs are. it took some time as previous two updates focused on adding basic contents, and we are still building a last system we need for the game. – the story of the route will involve many characters in the company and more

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Patches: Incest 
(v3.05 and above should apply this new patch)

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