Abyss Of Pleasure [v0.1.6 Remastered] By Jpegsama

Jpegsama Games released a new game called Abyss Of Pleasure and the version is 0.1.6 Remastered. The game’s story is about Evil reigns in the world, most of the human kingdoms are enslaved by the forces of darkness, and those that remain are defended with their last strength. People make up legends about ancient artifacts called “Ones”. It is said that if you collect them all, then you can gain complete control over the forces of darkness. There are rumors that this is just a fairy tale to calm people down. The witch Erina travels through the ancient abyss where all the monsters are rumored to come from. The old witches convinced her that the “one” legend was not just a legend. On her way, she will have to meet a lot of monsters and just bad people… But the witch does not yet suspect that something is wrong with her…​

Developer: Jpegsama
File Size: 489 MB
Version: 0.1.6 Remastered
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.1.6 Remastered

  • New Location in Town (Temple of Chaos) with new wall fuck scene
  • New scene in Lost forest (Love juice conneseur with tophat)
  • “New” scene in a shed in Abandoned Village (Orc amputee) [One time only – save beforehand]
  • New Location in Town (Blacksmith) where you can upgrade sword to decrease energy cost for swinging sword
  • “New” scene in Town (Throatfuck), talk to guy next to the entrance to the inn.
  • New area (Port) – this area have no exits, so save before exploring it, do not save inside, least you fuck your save.

v0.1.5 Remastered

  • New levels on Abandoned Village.
  • New mini boss.
  • New enemy.
  • New h-scene on boss (Spiders).
  • Bug fixes

v0.1.3 Remastered

  • Big bar scene reworked (Farbaden’s INN talk to Quest Dealer).
  • After saving the elf from Slippery Cave, talk to her in the INN!
  • Fixed a bug where Erika could walk on trees.
  • Fixed a collision in some places.
  • Goblins are now hard to hit.
  • The difficulty level is hardcore, now really challenging
  • Added full gamepad compatibility!
  • Added guide pictures in the game prologue and guide book.

v0.1 Remastered

  • A new story about how a witch turned into stone wakes up in a world of darkness.
  • Brand new locations, I mixed a lot of different textures, improved the details.
  • New active battle system like classic zelda, but a little more complicated. I improve Mog Hunter’s ABS, added moaning and screen shake when character taking damage. A portrait is also shown when you get critical health damage. Monsters will do something to the character if you lose!
  • The main character is now called not Erina, but Erika, as it was originally planned.
  • Added and improved 3 H-scenes: slime, wolf and goblins. In addition to pictures, there is now pixel art animation.
  • Added a quest system. You can take quests in the town tavern, after which they will appear on the world map.
  • Added a potion-making system! You can collect herbs and make potions from them.
  • Added a leveling system similar to souls-like games. The game currency acts as lvl-experience and money at the same time. You can improve any characteristic, and a kind fireball named Leo will help you in this, don’t worry, you’ll get to know him in the game.
  • I have added achievements to the game, so far there is only one.


  • new teleportation system
  • new corruption system
  • new difficulty to choose:easy (easier and less grindy than normal)
  • introduction prologue and overall “plot” has been added
  • all existing scenes has been remade in less pixelated format
  • new locations(orc forest, elf forest, tentacle shrine, old shack’s basement)
  • all caves are now pitch black
  • new enemies: wolfs and orcs
  • redone battle sprites, now they should work
  • new scenes(elf and goblins, Erina and orcs, erina and tentacles)

Developer Notes:

  • Welcome to Jpegsama’s boosty!
  • This page is intended for persons over 18 years of age with a stable psyche!
  • leave it immediately if you are younger or have a sensitive psyche!
  • I do 3d nsfw works, mostly strong and big women, but it all depends on my mood, you can find me in other social networks by my nickname.

Game Images & Screenshots


Old Build


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