Art Thou a Demon King [v0.4.6.2] By MSConstruction

MSConstruction Games released a new game called Art Thou a Demon King and the version is The game story is about In a nutshell, it is a game about fighting girls, destroying her armor, and having sex with her.​

Developer: MSConstruction
File Size: 89.5 MB
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Aria’s blowjob
  • Sex with Aria
  • Sex with Aria tied up.
  • Violet’s blowjob.
  • Sex with Violet + foreplay scene
  • Sex with Violet tied up.
  • Isabella’s blowjob.
  • Sex with Isabella + foreplay scene.
    -lewd scene after completing Rune 15.
    -Made some adjustments to the latest reward scene, added X-ray and eye effects.


  • Weapons are now obtainable.
  • The final enemy on each floor will drop two rare weapons.
  • Added Rune 5. In the latest version for Patrons, players can progress up to Rune 15 and there are erotic scenes included.

A bug that caused “New Text” to be displayed when not viewing Violet’s scenario has been fixed. It should work with old saved data.

Scenes currently available

  • Aria blowjob.
  • Sex with Aria.
  • Sex with Aria tied up.
  • Violet blowjob.
  • Violet’s sex+foreplay scene
  • lsabella blowjob.

I think I have probably fixed a bug specific to the android version, the bug where the game crashes on the third battle with Aria. Perhaps the player’s battle speed is too fast and crashes so I constant that value. If it still crashes, please report it in the bug report thread. Maybe your android specs are not good enough.(I never had this bug in my 2 days of test play on my actual android device.)

Developer Notes:

Have fun!

Game Images & Screenshots


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