Between Shadows: Yuria’s Passion [Ch.2 v1.1] By Shamantr

Shamantr Games released a new game called Between Shadows: Yuria’s Passion and the version is Ch.2 1.1. The game’s story is about 5 years before Shadows of Desire, Yuria took a long trip from the USA to the Congo with her husband Alvin and daughter Miley for work, Alvin’s job was in great demand in one of Congo’s most unfortunate shelters, where there is one particular refugee who is a bit… crazy…

Developer: Shamantr
File Size: 1.64 GB
Version: Ch.2 1.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Ch.2 v1.1

  • 653 new renders
  • 5 Sex animations
  • Introducing Vlad

Developer Notes:

Hello! My name is shaman, this is my first game in Ren’py so I’m sorry for any bug you may find, the gallery is not working for now, in next updates it will be functional.

Game Images & Screenshots



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