Booty Beach Nude Resort [v0.2] By A Witch who lives in a swamp

Witch who lives in a swamp Games released a new game called Booty Beach Nude Resort and the version is 0.2. The game’s story is about Aren’t you tired? Don’t you just wanna lie down, listen to sounds of the ocean, and let your cares melt away? Come to Booty Beach Nude Resort for some well-deserved suns out buns out time is what I’d like to say. Unfortunately, the resort was annihilated by a massive hurricane and needs your help gathering the resources to rebuild it.

Resource gathering is done by playing several idle clicker games. As the story progresses, more abilities will be unlocked that allow you to gather more resources much faster. You’ll use these resources to repair and rebuild the resort, unlocking new areas, new characters, and more opportunities for sexy, sunny fun!

Developer: Witch who lives in a swamp
File Size: 445.2 MB
Version: 0.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Witch quest 1 has been finished
    Until her quest has been started, the Witch can only be found at night.
    Witch’s potion store is available after finishing her first quest.
    New minor character Nymph added. Give her berries to get some useful buffs.
    Becca’s quest 2 can now be completed, it unlocks the showers and gives you a permanent energy/hunger buff.
    Shower with Becca can be repeated in the evening
    The bed can be used to rest until a specific time of day
  • Graphics
    Replaced a bunch of placeholder images and icons
    Changed “herbs” to “mushrooms”
  • Music
    There is music now!
  • Quality of Life
    Added ability to Go Straight to Bed from hotel reception which saves a few clicks when returning home.
    Added resource indicators to clicker games to make it more apparent how many resources are being collected and when lucky clicks (crits) occur
    Added message to lost forest making it more obvious that energy is being lost when exploring it.
    Added an option to auto-click during clicker games
  • Balance changes
    Increased chance to get lost in the forest
    Reduced total amount of wood needed to finish Becca’s quest 2
  • Bug fixes
    When entering your room for the first time, you can no longer leave until you have talked to Becca
  • VIP
    New VIP character interactions have been added, along with a way to switch between each version
    New previews have been added to the TV

Developer Notes:

I’m a witch trying to eke out a living in this swamp. I make erotic visual novel games with idle clicker mechanics.

Game Images & Screenshots


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