Bull Bunny Cuck [v0.6] By Pallidus Nox

Pallidus Nox Games released a new game called Bull Bunny Cuck and the version is 0.6. The game’s story is about You being just a normal young person, with college, video games, and a part-time job. But there’s something strange happening in the town of Greymont. The mostly white town is undergoing a bit of a change and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Between all the protests, crime increase, political upheaval, and changing culture, you just don’t know how to feel, and where you fit in. Discover the secrets of your community, and make choices that will change the course of your life and that of your community. Are you a dominant black alpha male who takes no guff, a pretty young white woman that trying to find her place in the world, or are you a confused white boy who does as he’s told? The choice is yours…​

Developer: Pallidus Nox
File Size: 1.30 GB
Version: 0.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Younger Sister Scenes (Kyler):
  • Scene 7 – Spy on Kyler in Ms.Valentine’s class about family members being sexist and racist.
  • Scene 10 – Kyler asks if you are a sexist at breakfast.
  • Scene 16 – Spy on Kyler in her bedroom masturbating.
  • Scene 18 – Spy on Kyler in Ms.Valentine’s class about how white males need feminism.
  • Scene 19 – Attend feminist meeting with Kyler led by Mr.Blackwell.
  • Scene 20 – Dream about Kyler masturbating in front of you.
  • Scene 21 – See Kyler and Mr.Blackwell talking outside your house.
  • Scene 22 – Eavesdrop on Kyler talking on the phone with her friend Chloe in her room.
  • Scene 23 – Spy on Kyler in her room changing clothing.
  • Scene 24 – Kyler tells you that Mr.Blackwell gives her rides home.
  • Scene 25 – At a feminist meeting with Kyler, Mr.Blackwell confronts you about your sexism.
  • Scene 26 – See condoms in Kyler’s room.
  • Scene 27 – Dream about Kyler in the kitchen acting sexy.
  • Scene 28 – Eavesdrop on Kyler as she talks on the phone to Mr.Blackwell.
  • Scene 29 – Spy on Kyler in Ms.Valentine’s class about how white males need to be deprogrammed.
  • Scene 30 – Spy on Kyler’s computer and see her pictures.
  • Scene 31 – Mr.Blackwell catches you spying on Kyler at the feminist meeting.
  • Scene 32 – Dream about Kyler in class with Mr.Blackwell.
  • Scene 33 – Kyler takes Mr.Blackwell home to meet your family.
  • Scene 34 – Spy on Kyler in Ms.Valentine’s class about how to deprogram a white father.
  • Scene 35 – See Kyler and Mr.Blackwell kissing in her room at your house.
  • Scene 36 – Dream about an angel Kyler and a demon Kyler convincing Kyler to be good or bad.
  • Scene 37 – Kyler accuses you of being racist and needing deprogramming at breakfast.
  • Scene 38 – See Mr.Blackwell having sex with his goth student at a feminist meeting.
  • Scene 39 – See Kyler walking down the street with Mr.Blackwell and another black guy and kissing them.
  • Scene 40 – Kyler is comes home late and is caught by Nicole.


  • Added feature:Set scene feature in the ‘Cheat’ menu, allows you to set a character’s or scenario’s scene to anywhere in the story.
  • Modifications:Reorganized mother’s scenes to make her story flow better. Rewrote all scenes with Blake to change her character’s personality.
  • New Scenes for mother(Nicole):
  • Scene # 15: Steal mother’s panties out of her room.
  • Scene # 16: See your mother exercising at your home.
  • Scene # 17: Find an interracial dating book in your mother’s room.
  • Scene # 18: Dream about your mother doing sexy yoga in a bikini.
  • Scene # 20: Your mother and her two friends talk in the kitchen – Blake confronts you.
  • Scene # 22: Hear your mother talking to Blake on the phone.
  • Scene # 31: Your mother tells you about people meeting at your house before they go out to a book club meeting.
  • Scene # 35: Dream about your mother making breakfast in her underwear.
  • Scene # 40: Listen to your mother talk with Ella on the phone about the ‘book club’ meeting.
  • Scene # 41: Meet your mother’s boyfriend for the first time and Blake shows you her breasts.
  • Scene # 42: Dream about Blake showing you her tits.
  • Scene # 43: Alexa and Kyler discuss with your mother how much they like her boyfriend.
  • Scene # 44: Overhear your mother and her boyfriend talking about how you are being beaten up at school.
  • Scene # 45: Your mother asks you if you’re being beaten up and how her boyfriend can help you.
  • Scene # 46: Spy on your mother having sex with her boyfriend for a ‘favor’.
  • Added Porn Clips:
  • 5 Deepthroat clips
  • 5 Facial clips
  • 5 Face Fuck clips
  • 4 Creampie clips
  • 4 Rimming clips
  • Removed:
  • Removed wardrobe
  • Removed Bull and Bunny routes to separate games to save on file size and simplify code.
  • Notes:
  • If anything doesn’t work or is broken – Start a new game and use the set scene feature to return to where you were in the story.
  • Bull and Bunny route old saves won’t work in version 0.4


Class scenes:

  • 1 Apology scene in front of class.
  • 2 Basement lesson with Ms.Valentine. She rebukes you for sexism.
  • 3 Basement lesson with Ms.Valentine. She questions you about your insecurity.
  • 4 Basement lesson with Ms.Valentine. She questions you about interracial relationships.
  • 5 Basement lesson with MS.Valentine. She tries to convince you to be more feminine.
  • 6 Dream about Ms.Valentine giving a black man oral sex.
  • 7 Lecture hall with Ms.Valentine. She lectures about how white men control white women.
  • 8 Lecture hall with Ms.Valentine. She lectures how black men are better than white males.
  • 9 Lecture hall with Ms.Valentine. She convinces her students to be more slutty.
  • 10 Lecture hall with Ms.Valentine. She lectures about how race mixing is good.
  • 11 Lecture hall with Ms.Valentine. She explains why she uses the phrase ‘white males’ and humiliates you in front of the class.

Friend Scenes:

  • 1 Friends house, see your friends porn collection accidentally.
  • 2 Friends house, see a porn video playing on your friend’s laptop.
  • 3 Friends house, see porn on friend’s laptop computer.
  • 4 Friends house, friend shows you a porn video.
  • New Girlfriend Scenes:
  • 1 Rub Jia’s pussy.
  • 2 Premature ejaculation in your pants.
  • 3 Jia jerks you off.


Developer Notes:

This is a modified version of ‘Black or Bleached’, which itself was a remake of another game that was abandoned called ‘Blacked & Whited’. I could not continue adding ‘bleached’ content to ‘Blacked or Bleached’ so I removed it all. Now the game is only played from the perspective of a black male, white female and white male.

Game Images & Screenshots


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