Carnal Voyages [v0.17.0] By DaScoot

DaScoot Games released a new game called Carnal Voyages and the version is 0.17.0. The game’s story is about Welcome to Carnal Voyages, the sequel to the erotic text-based game Carnal Coup (available here)! The invasion force of the Galactic Pure Union was halted twenty years ago, but it’s time for a new generation to take charge, and to begin to restore sexy funtimes to the rest of the galaxy!

Carnal Voyages features a new cast, a far more customizable player character (and sidekick), new alien species, and new worlds to explore! Rather than manage a single space station you will take on the role of a starship captain, stealthily infiltrating GPU space and fighting them on their home front. The crew of your ship will also be notable characters in their own right, with every crewmember having their own skills, talents, and of course – sexual preferences.

As with Carnal Coup, sexual preference flexibility is a driving force behind the game design. Not only will you be free to design the body type you desire (human or otherwise), but a galaxy of potential partners awaits you, and it is your choice who to pursue – space babes, space cowboys, or anyone else who catches your eye. There’s something for everyone out there!

Developer: DaScoot
File Size: 79.5 MB
Version: 0.17.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.16.1 – v0.17.0 Combined Change Log
Game Functions

  • Font selection added to Options/Gameplay. Fonts currently include Nasalization (current default) and the new Droid Sans option. Option setting is saved with save files. Setting only affects the primary scene text display.
  • Tabs on the Inventory screen are now highlighted similarly to those in Options.
  • New Cheat Code functionality:
    • The game now tracks if you’ve used a cheat code ‘recently’. The cheat code prompt will not reappear when re-opening Options if you’ve used it once, and this is tracked in save files. However, it is reset when loading a save from a different version of the game.
    • Cheat code option added for advancing all scene timers to immediately allow the scenes. If you’re currently in a ‘hub’ scene, you will need to exit and re-enter it to see if scenes have been unlocked.
    • Cheat code option added for immediately resetting all system heat values to 0.

Scene Content:

  • Romantic branch added to Seedcarrier relationship scene.
  • ‘Romantic’ Seedcarrier cabin hub scene and relationship toggle scene added.
  • First Seedcarrier Romance scene added, with two variants (one requiring a penis).
  • Next Harian Athletes scene added to Victorious, unlocked 40 hours following the previous. Has variants based on gender preferences.
  • Third Seeder Leader scene added to The Flower, unlocked 20 hours following the second.

Art Content:

Codex Entries:

Bug Fixes:

  • Formatting corrections to previous Seeder Leader scenes.

Known Issues:

Developer Notes:

Game currently in development! This game is in a very early alpha release state, and will be receiving monthly updates via Patreon. At the moment, gameplay is limited to the ‘Introduction Sequence’, and the first few GPU star systems, with an introduction to game mechanics and the story. Many more features are on the way!

Carnal Voyages will feature the following species to play as or play with:

  • Terrans – You know em! [Playable]
  • Figura – The shapeshifting stars of Carnal Coup return! You got it, they’ll find a way to do perverted things to it. [Playable]
  • Harians – Muscular and furry, the soldiers and athletic superstars of the galaxy! [Playable]
  • Vox – Slender and elegant, these alabaster-skinned aliens always put their best face forward! [Playable]
  • Schen – These science-minded reptilians are always up for learning new things! [Playable]
  • Roth – The Mistress-dominated insectoids are ready for more punishment! [Playable]
  • Seeders – These quiet plantoids are on the path for enlightment – but there are always more paths to take than you might expect…
  • Happee Co – These goblinoids are always interested in a quick buck…or a long, hard buck…
  • Space Slimes (in development) – The agarian slimes have a great bounty of crops, thanks to their…generous tracts of land…
  • AIs (in development) – Sometimes physical, sometimes digital, these AIs can show you a whole new world…

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