College Kings [Ep.4 v4.0.0 P1] By Undergrad Steve

Undergrad Steve Games released a new game called College Kings and the version is Ep4 v4.0.0 P1. The game’s story is about Just an innocent freshman at San Vallejo College, you are oblivious to the path that lays ahead of you. Growing up gets real when you learn about the unique cultures of the place you must call home. As loyalties form and tensions rise can you lead your fraternity to the crown and with it become the king on campus?

Developer: Undergrad Steve
File Size: 13.11 GB
Version: Ep.4 v4.0.0 P1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Episode 2 Rework v3.2.2
Hey everyone!

The overhaul of Episode 2 “The Pool Party” is coming later this summer and we wanted to share some of the awesome things that it will contain with all of you.

Why are you overhauling episode 2 now?

It’s really important to us that every CK episode lives up to expectations and feels exciting to play. We often experiment with new ways of doing things with the hope of finding ways to make the game even more exciting.

Sometimes however, those experiments don’t pan out as expected and we need to revisit them. Episode 2 is a prime example of that, it just didn’t quite hit the mark of what CK is supposed to be.

After turning things around with Episode 3, we believe now’s the perfect time to overhaul Episode 2 based on your feedback and turn it into one of our best episodes yet.

What’s going to change?

In order to make this happen, we’re adding lots of new content, as well as adjusting pretty much all existing scenes in one form or another. Some have been fully reworked, some have been slightly edited and some completely removed.

We’re also adding 10 new sex scenes (5 of which include penetration).

Here are some of the highlights of what’s to come:

  • The pool party free roam has doubled in size, with Chloe, Sam and Amber joining the fun!
  • Get excited about a wet t-shirt contest, teaching Aubrey to swim in the deep end and an all new fight with a gate-crasher. (Also based on a popular request, the Mrs. Woods sex scene has been updated to include significantly less pubic hair)
  • You’ll have a much more active role in setting up the pool party as well, which include fun one-on-one scenes with Nora, Lindsey and Riley!
  • If you’re dating Nora, you have the chance to impress Mr. Rose. Are you good enough for his daughter?
  • Lots of opportunities for alone time with many different girls. Sometimes you’ll even have to choose between them. Just be careful, because they might get jealous.
  • More frat time, with unique scenes for both Wolves and Apes!
  • Penelope’s AVN is gone, but you’ll be able to help her with her new venture.
  • Amber’s detective storyline is also largely removed (but only the episode 2 one, the cabin storyline of episode 1 remains unchanged.)


  • Includes Steam Api Replacer:
  • Activates the Gallery Unlock/Lock button.
  • Activates replay mode for Episodes 2 and 3.
  • Activates Episode selection in Path Builder.
  • Activates scenes in the gallery for Episodes 2 and 3.
  • Activates Episodes 2 and 3 after completing Episode 1.


  • updated phone
  • fixed number likes
  • fixed kiwii compat
  • updated name inputs
  • fixed newMessage issue
  • removed old whats_new screen
  • updated whats_new (Unscripted)
  • removed unneeded loadable checks
  • removed redundent app definition

Game Images & Screenshots

Act II




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