Coming of Age [v3.0] By Crazybat

Crazybat Games released a new game called Coming of Age and the version is 3.0. The game’s story is about You play an 18 year old girl named May who has a mother, step-father, step-brother, and an older sister. She needs to get a job, attend college, and either become more corrupt or remain pure. Fortunately, you are in charge of her decisions.​

Developer: Crazybat
File Size: 2.53 GB
Version: 3.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Release 3.0 contains approximately 7790CG (~388 new CG (Including those used for animations) have been added in 3.0)
  • Added 2 new npc interaction event at the beach while wearing the V-suit.
    Has a more naughty variant when played for the 2nd time. comes in two variants Pierced/non-pierced.
  • Added a more naughty expansion/variant of the two existing npc interaction events at the beach area wearing the V-suit.
    comes in two variants Pierced/non-pierced.
  • Added a new quite big event in may’s career as a professional sex worker.
  • Added a new exhibitionist event with Gina. ( Timeline wise this one is placed between the 4th and 5th exhibitionist
    challenge event.
  • Added a few random CG’s (With variants) when May’s watching TV in the latest outfit.
  • The new and some of the old NPC beach events have been added to the recollection room.


  • Did some (re)work on the exhibitionist contest events.
    (Removed some lines. Corrected spelling, changed contest to challenge and added 2 CG to the 3rd event)


  • Fixed menu at the changing room at the beach not working if players have the V swimsuit, but don’t have the sexy swimsuit in there inventory.
  • When adding Gina to the party before the cheerleader auditions you can’t leave the college area anymore.
    Due to players getting stuck at the beach after adding Gina to the party and then moving to the beach.
  • Fixed npc1 event in the replay room. A bug prevented the right event to be played.
    -Fixed some map transitions inside the gym and photo studio where players who play with the mouse would get stuck.
  • Fixed a bug when sunbathing for 2nd time and said yes to fixing her suit would result in the event not finishing.

Warning Old Saves:

Using old save files should work. If you played 0.8 I’d recommend using a save file in which May’s shame is around 42 though.
Provide save games:
SAVE1 => Start of 0.4
SAVE2 => Start of 0.5
SAVE3 => Start of 0.6
SAVE3 => Start of 0.7
SAVE4 => Start of 0.8
SAVE5 => start of 0.9

Game Images & Screenshots


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