Cyberspace Battle Maiden Academy [v7] By Team Desire/Aquin25

Team Desire/Aquin25 Games released a new game called Cyberspace Battle Maiden Academy and the version is 7. The game’s story is about Mysteries Abound, with secrets hidden within. Secrets one hides from themselves, and secrets others hide for themselves. The question… can you uncover them? Are you willing to take the risk? Or is the danger, and self doubt too strong? This game is a RPG with a heavy story focus, mainly delving into the Sci-fi and Mystery generes, as you go into the CBMA to look into the dissapearance of your sister… and potentially discover a lot more about the secrets hiding both in the school and in oneself.

Similar to Desire Guardians, the game is based around a daily loop system, where the player on a daily delves into dungeons to explore unique, corrupted websites that function as the game’s dungeons, while afterwords spending time with your party members. However, to improve on Desire Guardians, this game now has a a larger, revolving party system, and more of a story focus from the beginning of development, allowing for much earlier story and character progression. So, are you prepared to face the dangers the internet has to offer? Come on in, and see for yourself!

Developer: Team Desire/Aquin25
File Size: 936.7 MB
Version: 6
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

A new Dungeon (Toys Ahoy), New After work events for Kira & Melody, A TF has been added to the pimp dungeon, only accessible after beating the hospital dungeon, Plus a… little suprise I don’t want to spoil for anyone who has 13 or more TF’s.

2 new pieces of progression to the nightime events, Added a way to skip to class from the bedroom after the CBBA event, Added a new area of the campus, the “Recreational area”, Added the gym for stat upgrades, Added a “Secret Shop” only open in the mornings, allowing players to not only sell items and gear they no longer want, but also bring back viruses early, New after class events for Rachel and Angel.


  • A new Party member (Melody),
  • A new dungeon (The Infected Interwebs),
  • The Mirror addressing transformations has been added,
  • New after class events for Melody and Angel

Game Images & Screenshots


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