Daily Life of an Introverted Girl Changing into an Extrovert [v1.04] By Time’s Propensity

Time’s Propensity Games released a new game called Daily Life of an Introverted Girl Changing into an Extrovert and the version is 1.04. The game’s story is about An utterly ordinary male high school student, Kenta Nakajima.SPOILER He’s a plain presence that doesn’t stand out in class, but he had one female friend. It was Ayaka Minami, a similarly plain and quiet female high school student whom he got to know through a casual encounter. Thanks to their shared hobby of gaming, they gradually grew closer, but their relationship could not cross a certain line. Nonetheless, they enjoyed their happy days as gaming companions.

Then came the spring of the new school year. Kenta modestly rejoiced at being in the same class as Ayaka after the class shuffle. Just then, a familiar, cheerful, and lively male voice filled the air. Looking back, there was the famous sunny sportsman of the school, Shou Igarashi, hitting on Ayaka Minami.The new life of three second-year high school students is—now beginning.

Developer: Time’s Propensity
File Size: 1.05 GB
Version: 1.04
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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