Destiny’s Embrace [v0.5.0] By yqmo

yqmo Games released a new game called Destiny’s Embrace and the version is 0.5.0. The game’s story is about You step into the shoes of a young and gifted individual with a divine and royal lineage. The story takes place in the enchanting world of Terra, where humans coexist with mythical creatures and powerful deities. You’ll embark on a thrilling journey where destiny (pun intended) intertwines with desire. Since birth you were destined to bring greatness to the Tramonto Empire as its prince, blessed by the seed of the Goddess of Destiny herself. But soon after your birth, the Tramonto Empire and its queen, which is your mother, met its doom against the hands of The Sweet Death, recruited by the demonic Buio Empire.

Developer: yqmo
File Size: 1.66 GB
Version: 0.5.0
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added an Android Version of the game.
  • The prologue of the game has been revamped by adding renders to it! (No more boring texts!)
  • New locations have been added to the map. (The city Faro has been added.)
  • New story quests for Chapter Two have been added to the game. (Chapter Two is complete)
  • Two new events in the morning for Airi have been added. (NSFW scenes)
  • Some found grammar mistakes and script mistakes have been fixed.
  • Missing audio Ren’Py error has been patched. (v0.3.0 to v0.3.1 ONLY!)
  • Several new characters have been introduced to the story.
  • Around 400 new renders have been added.
  • The Textbox GUI has been modified.
  • List for the credits of the game has been updated.
  • The Forest location is now accessible to navigate through the village and the capital.
  • Changed some audio files in the Main Story.


  • When I’ve released v0.2.0, I’ve been told of a few issues within the game, so the game will now be released under version v0.2.1 instead! All the issues encountered within the game have been patched, and some dialogues have been slightly changed. It was supposed to be the Early Access Release, but since I now had to re-schedule the release dates, I chose, (just for this time), to merge the Early Access release date with the Public Release date. So now, the new version has been officially released to everyone! Thank you all for supporting this project, it means a lot for me! If you want to support the project, you’re free to become a Patreon pledger, and be able to access the early access releases for the next versions and much more content! Enjoy, and sorry for the inconveniences! Bye!

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Hey there, I’m yqmo, an adult game developer making AVNs. If you’re into that… stuff (we both know that you like that), why not check out my first project, ‘Destiny’s Embrace’? It’s free, haha… UNLESS YOU WANNA DONATE?

All it takes to play it is a simple click and an internet connection, of course, duh.
For more exclusive content and exclusive access, consider joining my Patreon community at Patreon Link. Aaand, if you want to engage with fellow men of culture and get involved in discussions, swing by my Discord server: Discord Invite. Bye-bye!

As of the current game version (v0.1.0), the game is still in its very early stage of development as this is currently its first release. It could be considered as a short demo to introduce few of the main characters and story elements to the story. A new update will always be released within 1-2 months prior to the previous release. For further information regarding the status of the update releases, visit the Patreon or the Discord of Destiny’s Embrace.

Game Images & Screenshots


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