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Testoviron Games released a new game called Destroyer and the version is 1.03. The game’s story is about Destroyer is an open-world HTML game where the whole point is to dominate and destroy every hole around.

Developer: Testoviron
File Size: 3.91 GB
Version: 1.03
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Car dealership has received a rework (Three salesmen have been added. Each of them can give the player a 5% discount on the car. 2 women, one man. This can be skipped. Added another Toyota corolla car for $1,000 to speed up getting to downtown.)
  • New character Kazumi (5 events)
  • New character Brynn (5 events)
  • New character Sam (5 events)
  • Exclusive shop has received a rework (I have removed the former head of this store Kelsi and added 3 new characters, the boss, who is a character that appears episodically, and two saleswomen Monica and Olivia, 9 events)
  • New character Monica (4 events)
  • New character Olivia (3 events)
  • joslyn in the “Shit-shop” has received a rework (5 events)
  • Scenes from basement, hospital and security were cut and cropped accordingly
  • Fixed gym files in the online version
  • A few minor bugs were fixed

Game Images & Screenshots

Update Only (v1.02 to v1.03): MEGA – PIXELDRAIN – GOFILE
Patch: Incest patch


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