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Game Details

Developer: Gaaby
Censored: Yes/No
Language: English
Operating System: Windows

Game Storyline

Disruption passes on the beautiful city of Budapest, indulge in this story of strong emotions as you cruise through many experiences, whether you want it to be dominant or submissive is entirely up to you Imagine this as your second life, as your explosion of what you really want to be, will you be bent or bend others? Discover yourself in Disruption.​


SPOILER: v0.8 Public

Hey there my friends! Welcome to v0.8 this update is completely focused on the sub path so if you’re a dom troupe I apologize! This update introduces a new very important mechanic in the game! You can now go to work in the evenings at the new location the Sex Shop! I recommend you restart the game from the beginning and play through it all since the events there are like you were in the beginning of the game, I’ll be adding more events in the next update, other than that there’s new events with main characters, a new teacher task, new sister random events and event in general and more dad content! More detailed info down below, hopefully you enjoy this update and if you have any questions as per usual hit me up anywhere!


  • Fixed a small bug in the mom cooking scene in the kitchen;
  • Changed the name of all locations to be more aesthetic when moving through them in the map;
  • Fixed a small bug in the first teacher detention event;
  • Fixed the best friend events in the school hallway;
  • Fixed the whole of the inventory, it was overall scuffed and badly done;
  • Finally fixed the major bug that was making it impossible to go to feminization stat 5, now things should go smooth!
  • Changed the way teacher events trigger to further prevent bugging, hopefully!
  • Changed the third sunday event to be a mom sub event instead, the event may repeat if you have seen it before!

New content:

  • New sister event with complete removal of male underwear from your wardrobe and feminization stat increasal to 6!
  • Two new locations were added! The Redlight District and the Sex Shop!
  • Made a new small event that should trigger almost in the beginning of the game that suggests you should find a job!
  • You can now apply to work in the Sex Shop and work there every evening!
  • Introduction of your co-worker in the Sex Shop… I wonder who it is;
  • With the addition of the new locations, there’s a very hot random new event in the Redlight District at night.. be careful!
  • New scene when you enter the Sex Shop for the first time with introduction of a new male character, the Sex Shop Manager!
  • New spicy event with the teacher, she will make you buy your first own toy in the Sex Shop!
  • New daily task after you buy your toy like you teacher ordered you to do;
  • New scene with the dad in the new daily task, hope you dad lovers like this one;
  • Two new random triggering events in the upstairs hall with the sister;
  • New random triggering event with the dad in the upstairs hall;
  • New random triggering event with the teacher in the school hallway with the best friend;
  • New Sunday event!
  • Updated the random sub event in the bus, you can go further with the random guy now;
  • Updated the night event in the park, you can now go further with the Interracial couple;

That is all for this update, I really enjoyed developing this one for some reason, I spent alot of long hours just developing it trying to make the game feel overall better, hope you enjoy it, if you need anything from me I’ll be active everywhere really paying attention, kisses

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