Domitum Fortress [v0.0.4] By Orane Pluto

Orane Pluto Games released a new game called Domitum Fortress and the version is 0.0.4. The game’s story is about Domitum Fortress is an erotic sandbox roleplaying game about BDSM slavery in a post-apocalyptic world. Play as a Domitor or a Domitress, a sacred warrior granted the divine right to raid villages and take sex slaves. Your holy title also grants ownership of a fortress, a stronghold where you can keep your slaves and do as you please with them. You can take female slaves, male slaves or both. The game has an expanding array of sex scenes for you to start with your slaves, each containing choices and dialogue options.​

Developer: Orane Pluto
File Size: 357.1 MB
Version: 0.0.4
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

V0.0.4 – Combat & Brothels
Major Changes

  • Save System
  • Combat: Raiding villages can include a battle phase depending on the power of your entourage . You can hire mercenaries by going to a bar and paying them a hiring price and a wage. Losing a battle can result in one of your mercenaries dying, but winning gives you some money as plunder.
  • Prostitution : You can now assign your subs to work in brothels as prostitutes. You can read a daily log of their activities as camera recordings. How much they earn is based on their skills and what you allow clients to do to them.
  • Bars: Bars will serve as the central social hub of cities. You can find mercenaries looking for their next job there. Additionally, a unique sex scene has been added exclusively to the bars.
    Minor Changes
  • Days are now numbered.
  • Icons implemented for some actions.
  • A new hud image for copper coins.
  • The font of scenes and descriptions was replaced by OpenDyslexic for a smoother reading experience. Let me know your thoughts on this change.
  • Improvements to the terrain.
  • Many smaller improvements, bug fixes, and writing corrections.

V0.0.3 – Slave Skills & Training

V0.0.3 – Slave Skills & Training

  • Slave Skills & Training: The skills are Discipline, Oral, Penetration (penis or strap-on), Vaginal (if applicable) and Anal. These skills will shape how sex scenes play out, with certain moments and choices in the scenes increasing a slave’s skill level. The skills of a slave will be taken into consideration to determine their value when traded.
  • Clothing Market, Slave Salon and Tattoo Parlor: Cities will now have all these places where you can go to change your slaves’ appearances for a price.
  • The addition of six new slave outfits each with versatile top and bottom pieces that can be worn independently, providing you with a total of twelve new clothing elements.
  • You’ll have two tattoo designs with many different placements to apply to your slaves. Note that, currently, each slave can only have one body tattoo and one face tattoo. This limitation will be addressed in upcoming updates.
  • New sex scene with your slave as a service top: You’ll be able to have a slave serve you with his cock or with a strap-on.
  • Jiggle physics for breasts.
  • You are able to move multiple tiles with one click (finally).

Developer Notes:

Please note that this is a really early version of the game, and some core features are still under development. Saving progress is currently unavailable.

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