Dragon Tamer [Demo 0.95] By Mikifur

Mikifur Games released a new game called Dragon Tamer and the version is Demo 0.95. The game’s story is about You are a dragon hunter, served to capture and tame dragons so they cannot hurt people, but your methods are… unconventional. You stumbled across a lonely dragon one day that you wish to tame. On the outside, she is a tough and fierce ball of anger, but deep down she just wants company.​

Developer: Mikifur
File Size: 192.0 MB
Version: Demo 0.95
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English
game details


Demo 0.95

  • Futa mode. Toggle Futa mode in the customize settings, with added animations and touch areas.
  • Extra areas for touching and sex scenes.
  • Better customization. Added new customization settings to change body of your dragon, make her thiccer!
  • Relationship statuses, confess your love to her, and extra dialogue for love!
  • You can only perform lewder scenes after she accepts your love.
  • Change your location with the location bubble, only available after confessing!

Game Images & Screenshots


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