Dungeons&Essence [v0.11a] By Frost Games

Frost Games released a new game called Dungeons&Essence and the version is 0.11a. The game’s story is about After dying you are reborn in another world with many similarities with the isekai animes you watched, there are interfaces, stats, classes, many fantasy races, magic and dungeons. Being reborn as a baby you grew up in this world and is now ready to start your journey as an adventurer, many challenges await and of course woman of all races are also waiting for you if you have what is needed to claim them.​

Developer: Frost
File Size: 107.3 MB
Version: 0.11a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 2 new sex scenes.
  • 1 new main girl, the Goblin Layer.
  • 6 skills to learn.
  • 2 summons to unlock.
  • 2 manifestations to learn.
  • 2 new equippable items.
  • Can choose skills in combat with the keyboard
  • Easier to see which windows from the top menu are open on the screen.
  • Small nerf to the ambush group.
  • It is faster to get your first summons and to reach level 1.


  • 8 sex scenes.
  • 27 skills to learn.
  • 14 summons to unlock.
  • 6 manifestations to learn.
  • 58 different equippable items.
  • Going up to level 2 choosing your first class path.

Developer Notes:

I will keep the game here updated to one version behind the latest on patreon, not including bugfixes. There will be no cut content but if you want to see this project flourish and get access to the content sooner as well as have the voting power to influence the game, your support on Patreon would be much appreciated.

Constructive feedback is always welcome.

Game Images & Screenshots


Win/Linux:  D&E-0.11a-pc.zip – 107.3 MB
Mac: D&E-0.11a-mac.zip – 101.6 MB




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