Elven Curse [v0.1.4f] By TDMBP

TDMBP Games released a new game called Elven Curse and the version is 0.1.4f. The game’s story is about You will play as an elf that has had a curse has been placed upon her. Now she must venture into the dungeons to destroy the artifact powering the spell. She will have to deal with complications as they develop.

Developer: TDMBP
File Size: 244.1 MB
Version: 0.1.4f
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • • Rejoined the tavern scenario to the rest of the game
  • • Converted all of the cut scenes involving the tavern to the new system
  • • Added a resting image for the waitress
  • • Added correct image for the knife on pick up
  • • Reduced the strength of the vignette during voyeur scene
  • • Fixed sprite flicker when interacting with objects in the tavern
  • • Gravity is no longer slowly pulling the player down in the tavern
  • • Corrected a display issue with one of the tavern doors
  • • Replaced an old upgrade chest in the tavern with the current statues
  • • Key UI will now display at night in the tavern if you have one
  • • Added a delay on the start up of the cut scene skip to prevent any accidents
  • • Fixed an issue with UI not displaying after playing hide and seek with imps
  • • Stopped the player from being sent back to the tavern after escaping
  • • Fixed arrows firing at a strange angle in the forest area
  • • The knife can now be used again after being sent to the dungeons temporary capture room
  • • Corrected two instances of the Dark Elf boss’s magic orbs not doing damage to the player
  • • Stopped goblin quests from persisting after escape
  • • The game will no longer hard stop after beating the Dark Elf boss. Player will be sent outside the dungeon entrance to continue.

Developer Notes:

  • Available now is the current concept build of the game.
  • It features light exploration and some combat.
  • It is a chance to try out the foundation of what will form the game.

In game Controls:

  • F1 to open in game menu
  • Arrow keys used for movement
  • C to interact
  • X to attack
  • Esc to exit the game

Thanks for playing! Opportunities to help support development available on Patreon.

Game Images & Screenshots


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