Ero Dungeons [Alpha 2.9] By Madodev

Madodev Games released a new game called Ero Dungeons and the version is Alpha 2.9. The game’s story is about You are to establish a new adventurers’ guild in the wastes to the North. However, a corrupting miasma of unsatiable lust still seeps the soil. Send your brave adventurers (female) forth to claim these forbidden lands. But beware, lead and train them well, lest their minds and souls be corrupted by the depraved creatures of these wastes. They will stop at nothing to kidnap your daring adventurers and subject them to unspeakably lewd horrors. So expand your fledgling guild, overcome those misbegotten instruments of desire, and fight your way towards the lewdest dungeon.​

Developer: Madodev
File Size: 141 MB
Version: Alpha 2.9
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Alpha 2.9


  • Swamp dungeons and encounters.
  • Slime enemies (of the normal, large, and huge varieties).
  • The Petgirl class.
  • A mod manager and a way to easily modify mods.
  • Support for animated enemies and enemy parts.
  • Vine, Flower, and Alraune enemies.
  • Provison Rework.


  • Mac Support, thanks Abitenum!
  • Translations are now included by default:
    • Korean Translation, thanks SpeciaLee!
    • Chinese Simplified Translation, thanks Roland3!
    • Chinese Traditional Translation, thanks Fishplate!
    • German Translation, thanks 15Nova22!
  • Preset adventurers can now appear in curios, or very rarely in the stagecoach, thanks Keyarl!
  • The Mental Ward has been streamlined, thanks Keyarl!
  • Unidentified items are now shown as unidentified. To make an item infinite you need four identified items.
  • Some choices will sometimes override your choice, this in an attempt to make kleptomaniac as bad as in Darkest Dungeon.
  • Different classes can have different level thresholds, so no longer just 4-6-10-20. This is mostly useful for mods.
  • Added an “interact with curios” goal.
  • The loading screen is a tad fancier and actually works now.
  • More dolls, all working with that one curio everyone loves, thanks Meoaim!
  • Curio changes thanks to Haraberu:
    • Curios are now moddable, using a special curio kit.
    • New types of curio, an ambush, fortress, and special rescue curio.
    • Curios now support additional requirements such as being difficulty gated.
    • If curios contain a captured adventurer, you can ask her opinion on the curio.


  • There’s now a way to view all girls in a neat overview. Thanks Haraberu.
  • You can now skip days, this will reduce your victory streak, and won’t reroll dungeons.
  • Quirks can be locked again, giving a bonus to their growth.
  • The class panel is now sorted by amount of XP.
  • You can now see the dice rolls system that you get when upgrading your recruit quality.
  • Readded exclamation hint when you don’t have all your moves equipped.
  • Changed tooltips in the personality panel to better correspond with the personalities.
  • You can now exit to the menu.
  • Data is now autosaved when you exit to menu or desktop through settings.
  • Recruit are now color coded by rarity.
  • The daylog shows when an adventurer has been rescued/kidnapped.
  • You can check a delete mode in-dungeon, so you can play the entire game with a mouse.
  • Crest colors now correspond with the associated personality.


  • Protection Unit won’t receive a block token every turn any more.
  • Protection Unit’s Guard now has a two turn cooldown.
  • Rogue’s Stretch Muscles now gives a stealth token.
  • Rogue’s Stab now deals double damage when stealthed.
  • Goal rebalances:
    • New goal to get your armor broken
    • New goal to start combat in rank 4 or rank 1 for some classes
    • New cow job goal
    • Goal job times at level 2 have been increased
    • Goal job times at level 3 have been standardized
    • Added kill parasite, plant, and slime goals
    • Reduced necessary kills for humans and parasites to account for their rarity
    • Enable the looter, provisionless, and pacifism goals for level 1
    • Reduced the masturbate and orgasm requirements to account for the affliction change
    • Changed the strength tokens to token_turns so you can refuse to use the strength tokens to clear the goal
    • Significantly decreased the dodge and block token goal requirements
    • Slightly decreased the taunt goal requirements
    • Slightly decreased the kill enemies goal requirements
    • Lowered requirements for all the damage type goals
  • Warrior’s Mark Target now requires a WIL save.
  • Stats of first tier adventurers are now slightly worse.


  • Jobs would appear in the overview before they are unlocked.
  • Mimics no longer destroy items.
  • Sometimes you would get extra items at the end of dungeons.
  • Hidden and cursed items have been refactored to hopefully stop the deluge of bugs related to them.
  • Forced tokens didn’t get cleared after suggestion removal.
  • There were some data errors in curio choices.
  • There were some icon errors in the goals.
  • Cow mask had the incorrect uncurse goal.
  • You could get stuck on curios if you had an absurdly high loot modifier.
  • Mage’s had +DEX instead of +INT as permanent bonus.
  • You can no longer get an advance to crestless from curios (but for real this time).
  • Mental Ward operation costs weren’t always suggestibility based.
  • Healing would do recoil damage.
  • Quests had incorrect description in their tooltip.
  • Tooltips for class effects would move out of view.
  • You could visually duplicate adventurers by replacing them on a full party in the guild.
  • Cocooned adventurers could still use their old class’s riposte albeit without animation.
  • Set bonuses, force tokens, and force dots wouldn’t always register correctly after equipping in the guild.
  • The cow tail wouldn’t show up when wearing a face covering mask, and would show up incorrectly when kneeling.
  • The HP increases from class updates weren’t shown in the tooltip.
  • Latex ring was horribly bugged.
  • You could doubleclick through menus to assign girls in the guild
  • You could move while paused (e.g. when a curio required your attention) by right click spamming the overview
  • Dungeon end increases for quirks didn’t work (like with the region based ones)
  • Attach and Equip would still be used on guarded girls, leading to unpredictable results.
  • Curios will now tell you to select an adventurer when that’s what you have to do.
  • Curios will now say “No Effect” instead of just being empty if they have no effect.
  • Right clicking on an employed girl to open the overview and then rightclicking on the same spot to close the window would unemploy the girl.
  • The addition symbol for AoEs was incorrectly aligned for moves targetting the player’s side.
  • Crit tokens will no longer affect moves that don’t do damage and hence don’t consume crit tokens (for stuff like dot length increases)
  • The non-cursed vine bangle has, again, been removed from the loot table.
  • Curios would reroll some outcomes if you exited and reinteracted with them.
  • The curse lock didn’t show on some items when imported from a previous version
  • You could duplicate basic cursed weapons easily.
  • Fixed incorrect line in the daylog for the mental ward.
  • Adventurers that carry a lockpick will no longer use a hammer as their preferred chest-opening tool.
  • Game would try to save in-menu if you tried to exit in-menu, causing profiles to get overwritten.
  • Durability damage wouldn’t always display in the enemy overview.
  • Error in sign of natural decay in personality tooltips
  • Crit token would unhighlight when a girl targeted herself.
  • Defensive tokens on enemies wouldn’t highlight correctly.
  • Adventurers weren’t sorted by rank when interacting with curios.
  • Puncher was using incorrect riposte
  • Room sizes weren’t correctly calculated
  • Variant choices for the guild weren’t updated when purchasing new upgrades
  • Guard would redirect aoe’s and wouldn’t get deducted in some cases, thanks Jewel!
  • First stagecoach level recruitment dice were swapped.
  • Texture error in cowprint bikini.
  • Game would show quirks that couldn’t be added at the end of a dungeon.

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