Ero Dungeons [Alpha 2.9] Madodev

Download the complete game file of Ero Dungeons 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Ero Dungeons on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Developer: Madodev
Censored: Yes/No
Language: English
Operating System: Windows, Linux

Game Storyline

You are to establish a new adventurers’ guild in the wastes to the North. However, a corrupting miasma of unsatiable lust still seeps the soil. Send your brave adventurers (female) forth to claim these forbidden lands. But beware, lead and train them well, lest their minds and souls be corrupted by the depraved creatures of these wastes.

They will stop at nothing to kidnap your daring adventurers and subject them to unspeakably lewd horrors. So expand your fledgling guild, overcome those misbegotten instruments of desire, and fight your way towards the lewdest dungeon.​

Version Changelog

Alpha 2.9


  • Swamp dungeons and encounters.
  • Slime enemies (of the normal, large, and huge varieties).
  • The Petgirl class.
  • A mod manager and a way to easily modify mods.
  • Support for animated enemies and enemy parts.
  • Vine, Flower, and Alraune enemies.
  • Provison Rework.


  • Mac Support, thanks Abitenum!
  • Translations are now included by default:
    • Korean Translation, thanks SpeciaLee!
    • Chinese Simplified Translation, thanks Roland3!
    • Chinese Traditional Translation, thanks Fishplate!
    • German Translation, thanks 15Nova22!
  • Preset adventurers can now appear in curios, or very rarely in the stagecoach, thanks Keyarl!
  • The Mental Ward has been streamlined, thanks Keyarl!
  • Unidentified items are now shown as unidentified. To make an item infinite you need four identified items.
  • Some choices will sometimes override your choice, this in an attempt to make kleptomaniac as bad as in Darkest Dungeon.
  • Different classes can have different level thresholds, so no longer just 4-6-10-20. This is mostly useful for mods.
  • Added an “interact with curios” goal.
  • The loading screen is a tad fancier and actually works now.
  • More dolls, all working with that one curio everyone loves, thanks Meoaim!
  • Curio changes thanks to Haraberu:
    • Curios are now moddable, using a special curio kit.
    • New types of curio, an ambush, fortress, and special rescue curio.
    • Curios now support additional requirements such as being difficulty gated.
    • If curios contain a captured adventurer, you can ask her opinion on the curio.

Game Images

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