Ero Dungeons [Beta 1.10] By Madodev

Madodev Games released a new game called Ero Dungeons and the version is Beta 1.10. The game’s story is about You are to establish a new adventurers’ guild in the wastes to the North. However, a corrupting miasma of unsatiable lust still seeps the soil. Send your brave adventurers (female) forth to claim these forbidden lands. But beware, lead and train them well, lest their minds and souls be corrupted by the depraved creatures of these wastes. They will stop at nothing to kidnap your daring adventurers and subject them to unspeakably lewd horrors. So expand your fledgling guild, overcome those misbegotten instruments of desire, and fight your way towards the lewdest dungeon.​

Developer: Madodev
File Size: 165.0 MB
Version: Beta 1.10
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Beta 1.10


  • About 150 new pieces of equipment, see above.
  • A full rebalance of all pieces of equipment, see above.
  • A full overhaul of parasites, see above.
  • A new cursed class, the bunny, see above.
  • Visual rework, see above.
  • UI rework, see above.


  • You can now access the roster in the overworld, with hints for dungeon related goals, thanks IneptArtificer!
  • Improved class and building tooltips.
  • The way resources are handled in the code has changed, reducing loading times by up to 50%.
  • Some performance increases during dungeon runs, thanks Haraberu!
  • Early fireslimes are now replaced with new plastic slimes, based on Meoaim’s plastocytes.
  • Fireslimes no longer receive block each turn.
  • The encyclopedia has been updated for the guild buildings and modding, thanks Pearldiver!
  • Clicking empty jobs now allows you to auto-assign adventurers, thanks Inept Artificer!
  • Reinforcements, rescue target, and captured enemies are now shown in dungeon, thanks Haraberu!
  • Allow searching in the guild equipment, thanks Haraberu.


  • Party will now wipe if all remaining adventurers are either grappled or are fully disabled.
  • Horses now have some extra moves to account for their stances.
  • Added missing development goals related to ruins discovery, greenskin killing, suggestibility gaining, and parasite carrying.
  • Lowered training cost scaling.
  • REC is now capped at -75% (though you can’t get there currently), healREC is capped at -100% (so you can’t kill yourself by healing).
  • Quirks have been rebalanced so that their damage is more in line with the accessories.
  • New music for the conclusion screens.
  • Permanently cursed gear can now become infinite, thanks LWDWTBK!
  • You no longer only get gold when no more items of a requested rarity exist, thanks Haraberu!
  • Class repeatable now have bonuses apart from HP (preserving tokens), thanks Haraberu!
  • There’s now the start of a Japanese translation (edited MTL), thanks sghub!
  • An extra hairstyle.
  • Basestats are now clamped between 4 and 20, player saves between 0 and 95.
  • Pet and Cow uncurse goals now use their jobs instead of desires.
  • Ponygirls now also give a minimum amount of points to new adventurers (1/5th of max).

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