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bdot.labs Games released a new game called Erosphere and the version is The game’s story is about Set in the near future, AI has advanced greatly, and a company is about to launch a new AI prototype. You are the CEO’s son. Your story begins one night in your room, awakened by a sudden bright light. An attractive woman, claiming to be an alien, appears and asks for your help with an important mission. This strange visit leads you on a journey filled with challenges and discoveries.​

Developer: bdot.labs
File Size: 392.4 MB
OS: Windows, MacOS
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v4.5.4.0Initial Release

Developer Notes:

  • Does this game really have jiggle physics?
  • Hell yeah!
    Why do you use AI Art?
  • Believe me I get that AI art is considered problematic by a lot of people. I consider myself an artist too (yes i mean the non-AI-reliant kind) and as such I’d rather abuse AI than be abused by AI. You can’t stop AI art after all so we have to evolve somehow. I’ve spend 40+ hours on single artworks before and I know the effort that goes into an art piece but I also know how tedious this process can be. AI allows me to spend more time on overall quality by cutting a lot of the time spent on that tedious part of the process. Also this process isn’t as straightforward as ‘press button get artwork’ I still have to make major decisions where the art should be headed and correct a lot of stuff for consistent character design and stuff like that.
  • Whats the difference between the 2k and the 4k version?
  • The 2k version is free and publically available here. It features 2048×2048 gallery images.
    The 4k version is available through patreon or subscribestar subscription. It features 4096×4096 gallery images but is more costly in terms of performance and hard-drive filesize.
  • Why do you warn about performane on low-spec PCs? Isn’t this a visual novel?
  • Basically this is because I was too lazy to get comfortable with live2D or other animation software so I wrote my own animation framework. This framework kind of does animation in runtime and thus requires better than low specs. I’m sure i can optimize this some more but for now this needs to suffice. Also this framework gives me a bit of flexibility to do some cool effects. You can also turn those off if you don’t think they are cool – that should also improve performance.

Game Images & Screenshots


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