Facefuck Madness [v0.68] BY MercuryDev

MercuryDev Games released a new game called Facefuck Madness and the version is 0.68. The game’s story is about A former porn actor facefuck girls to enslave them with the power of Facefuck Madness. Pretty simple, huh? The whole game based on facefucking fetish, but there’s a place for classical sex too, and other stuff. Also, have to mention the game is not serious at all. It knows that it was made for fap, okay?​

Developer: MercuryDev
File Size: 860.0 MB
Version: 0.68
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • The main storyline continued
  • Procedurally generated sex descriptions for Teender girls (including enslaved ones), finally!
  • 2 new supporters-only scenes (one for Elena and one for Michelle)
  • 5 new scenes in total
  • 90,000 characters of code and text, overall amount of sex scenes now reaching more than 150
  • Bugfixes


  • One more quest for the main storyline
  • Threesome scene with Maria and Amelia
  • Hacking minigame expanded: collect nudes to get a juicy bonus
  • Progress tracking system: shows exactly how much content you’ve seen and how much’s left
  • 2 new supporters-only scenes (both for Elena)
  • Bugfixes (the hide-ui related bug’s no more!)

Developer Notes:

The game was developed by Mercury, an independent indie developer from Russia, in between drinking and studying. It does not pretend to anything, and nevertheless strives to be good. Feedback is a good thing. Leave your comments and messages about bugs you found.

If you’re worried about my first game, Manreign, you probably shouldn’t. I’m still working on it and will release updates sometimes. But yeah, the main focus now is on the Facefuck Madness.

Game Images & Screenshots


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