Forsaken Throne [v0.05] By SmallTownGames

SmallTown Games released a new game called Forsaken Throne and the version is 0.05. The game’s story is about What would you do if you woke up to find the Seven Deadly sins all inhabiting your body? Use them to have fun? Gain power? Influence? In Forsaken Throne, you follow the story of a young man who finds himself in this very situation, and through that, the world that was so carefully hidden underneath reality is exposed. Find a way to survive, and come out with more power at the end of it!​

Developer: SmallTown
File Size: 143.1 MB
Version: 0.05
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 5 new passages: 2 Scenes, 3 Narrative
  • Scene with Ellie ~2000 words
  • Scene with Madison ~1600 words
  • Narrative ~4200 words


  • 3 new passages: 2 Scenes, 1 Narrative
  • 4250~ words


  • 4 new passages: 2 Scenes, 2 Narrative
  • 4200 words

Developer Notes:

Before anyone asks, anything related to cheating will be the main character sleeping with women who have partners. At no point do I intend to write any scene where one of the MC’s women sleeps with another man (Maybe a woman though. I don’t have a plan for this, but I’m also not against it).

Additionally, any tag that has an asterisk beside it means it can be avoided. I will probably include a setting where you can turn certain fetishes on or off, once I get far enough to include said fetish.

Game Images & Screenshots


All: Forsaken Throne v0.05.rar – 143.1 MB



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