Frustration [v0.03] By J&R Games

J&R Games released a new game called Frustration and the version is 0.03. The game’s story is about After centuries of slumber our hero has been awoken for one purpose. To serve his Mistress. How? By allieviating the sexual frustations of a variety of very nice ladies and reaping their sexual energies in the process. This is my first game. It’s a light-hearted, sandbox style game. Theres around 2 hours of gameplay. 8 H-scenes. 6 of them animated with multiple animations. It’s straight forward, fast-paced, with minimal grinding. Aside from the main story content there’s naughty pictures to collect for your gallery and you can play dress up with your Partner. Future releases will focus on adding more variety in the girls you meet and the types of content.

Developer: J&R
File Size: 1.42 GB
Version: 0.03
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • There is a small choice in Jen & Rosa’s story which gives two different scenes and slightly different dialogue later. This scene can be repeated once you unlock Memories with the Mistress.
  • Completed stories for Ivy and Jen & Rosa
  • Advanced the stories for Hope and Naomi
  • New Reward and Punish scenes for The Mistress
  • 501 new renders
  • 7 new H-scenes with 15 animations
  • 6 new Gallery Images
  • Added Eva Cowgirl outfit
  • Added a scene gallery for non-Mana scenes
  • Added random outfit selection button
  • New page for the extra Gallery pictures on the phone


  • Completed Marie and Charlotte’s stories
  • Advanced Jen, Rosa, and Alex’s stories
  • Added a new character: Naomi, a femme fatal of the night
  • 3 New Animated H-Scenes
  • 5 New Gallery Pictures
  • 1 New Eva Outfit
  • Patreon and Rewards are Now Live! Pick yourself up a shiny new Eva Outfit!
  • Fixed some visual bugs on the progress and phone screens
  • Overhauled the backend hence v0.01 saves not working.
  • Properly compressed the Images so the file size is smaller than v0.01

Developer Notes:

The cheating content is very light. Not on the level of true NTR imo. There’s some BDSM towards the MC that is skippable.

Game Images & Screenshots


Win/Linux: – 1.4 GB
Mac: – 1.4 GB
Android: frustration-0.03-android.apk – 245.1 MB



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