Glassix 2 [v0.11.0] By Gaweb Studio

Gaweb Studio Games released a new game called Glassix 2 and the version is 0.11.0. The game’s story is about Following the events of Glassix (Prequel, not required to have played it to enjoy Glassix 2), the succubus Lily got her hands on the angel Anael and mainly her divine powers. With those new powers under her control, she started a series of experiments to gather even more power, or was it simply to entertain herself? Her latest design was to abduct a poor soul, you, and push this soul into the lives of various random citizens. By doing so, your actions would generate karma, from good or bad actions, which should could then harvest from you. On the upside, Lily allows you to use parts of her powers by using the karma you earn which gives you access to a wide variety of powerful spells which will make your tasks easier the more tasks you complete. Isn’t it what we call a win-win situation?​

Developer: Gaweb Studio
File Size: 2.35 GB
Version: 0.11.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added skill experience gain with work action for player based on skills, spells and mentor
  • Added daily skill experience gain for NPCs based on skill and mentor
  • Added skill level up system
  • Added new panel to edit slot bar actions
  • Added new hire, fire and promote buttons in business panel
  • Free Mode doesn’t require citizens to have jobs to be able to start playing anymore


  • Channel packed hair, skins and eyebrows textures to reduce GPU and memory consumption
  • Max texture size is now 2K, down from 4K
  • Updated furniture, locations, buildings, outfits, hair and skin shaders to work with channel packed textures
  • Added outfit menu in Appearance and Biography editors
  • Added 5 new female tops, 3 being exclusive patron content
  • Added 4 new female bottom, 2 being exclusive patron content
  • Added 2 new female panties, 1 being exclusive patron content
  • Added 1 new female boots exclusive content
  • Added 1 new male shirt
  • Added 1 new male pant
  • Added 1 new male shoes
  • Added 6 new female hair styles, 3 being exclusive content
  • Added 6 new male hair styles, 3 being exclusive content
  • Added new game menu to unlock exclusive content through unique codes

Developer Notes:

Current version (0.4.1) doesn’t have much content but complex features are involved. This version will allow me to get feedback on performance, UI design and suggestions. Feel free to contact me here, on Discord or email.

Game Images & Screenshots


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