Golden Coast Saga [v0.5] By Catfish Studio

Catfish Studio Games released a new game called Golden Coast Saga and the version is 0.5. The game’s story is about an animated Dating Sim about the adventure of Nate the raccoon in a fancy private school​.

Developer: Catfish Studio
File Size: 208.2 MB
Version: 0.5
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Updated plot of the first game day
  • 2 new characters
  • 1 new location
  • Updated map
  • Visually updated characters – Oliver, Hailey, Mia, Miss Sinclair, Director Queller, Watchwoman (Miss Jones), Liam, and all their clothes
  • Visually updated locations – Dormitory (4 locations), Library (2 locations), College Park (2 locations)
  • Oliver and Watchwoman (now Miss Jones) have changed their design
  • POV
  • Custom name
  • Updated backstory of the Main Character
  • The School is now a College
  • There is only one Dormitory now
  • More arts in dialogues
  • Improved writing
  • More dialogue choices
  • Improved moving between locations

Developer Notes:

The main character of this game is Nate the raccoon, an ordinary young resident of the island of Las Palmas. After some difficult events, he got into a private school in an expensive Golden Coast district. However, all the students of this school are not ordinary, they are children from wealthy families. Nate will meet local boys and girls, develop relationships with them, get into different situations, complete story quests and build his career. You dispose of the protagonist’s chance and make his story with your own hands!


  • Visual Novel story progression
  • Dating Sim stat and quest progression
  • Enhanced experience through cut scenes and mini-games

Available Features:

  • Everything is animated in 60fps
  • Open world to explore
  • Quest and dating system
  • Choices in dialogues

Planned Features:

  • Characters customization – under and outer clothes
  • Mini-games
  • 50+ locations to visit
  • 50+ characters to interact with
  • 100+ hot scenes
  • Inventory system
  • Day change and monetary system

Game Images & Screenshots


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