Guild of Spicy Adventures [v0.59] By Hikkeiru

Hikkeiru Games released a new game called Guild of Spicy Adventures and the version is 0.59. The game’s story is about An unfavorable situation that can turn into an unexpected journey. Given the opportunity by an attractive fox girl, you will be required to create a guild to face awaiting challenges. With your hard sword and beautiful companions, you can pull out of any danger. Join the adventure to enjoy the harem and humor that you will encounter along the way.​

Developer: Hikkeiru
File Size: 1.81 GB
Version: 0.59
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.60 Huge story update with the game crossing 2k renders in total!
See preview here!

Story continuation:
Dalia takes you sightseeing!
It adds alternative choice for inviting Kanae to snow save fishing without demanding anything from her.Temporary! During winter time the default sunny weather will be snowing! It will be turned off in ALL versions past the winter time.Adding missing XToys integration to last Kanae story.XToys integration now requires only patreon authentication.Intensity during ‘Kanae don’t dive’ event is dynamically calculated based on how much time has passed underwater.Angry text animator effect.Added quest entry for the truth of the world.Improving internally map api.Fix returning from snow globe for the first time now cleans the scale of BG to normal. Previously prevented direct travel without use of map.Serializing weatherImproving windows device support for several videosClickable background improving support for weather.Internal error fix for rain creating an error on first frame.Text helper text for fishing has been outlined.Improving fishing slider UI.Now you can cancel fishing during waiting for the hook stage. This removes the confusion when user held button on this stage and it carried over to the next stage.Time fix when the internal clock was not setting the final time on pass time end, Therefore the passing time to hour didn’t trigger because the time hour was same as previous. I.e. loop to 16, but last ticking time ended at 15:59. Therefore passing time to 15 would not trigger since it is already 15.Time UI fix when sleeping. It no longer starts from start near the end of animation.Time cycle shows when crossing the day cycle.Adding automatic saving when entering rented room as backup option since to ensure that you won’t get fucked when an unknown bug will occur. In general taking saves when roaming is more stable.Adding a check and player information in case the folder is in path with wrong symbols like Hidden symbol. Which is a bug in unity’s addressables package and I unfortunately cannot fix it! Just extract it another location i.e. Desktop or D;/GOSA. This error appeared as main menu with static background and where you cannot start new game. Thanks @itssangdude @kuruizaq and few other people having problem with this.Adding message directly button for reporter.Fixing locale selection bug which may have been reason for rare crashes on exit.Changed default typewriter animation appearance, which doesn’t scale the letters, but fades them. Remember you can turn off text animation in settings. The animation is also a bit faster.

Developer Notes:

The game was built with a custom Unity framework made from scratch. I don’t use renpy. This allows me to do special visual effects, more customizable controls and different mechanics that wouldn’t be possible with a renpy like engine. I’m also a fan of CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) which basically allows me to put updates up as soon as they are developed. With half of the plan for this done, I have already cut the time from ~2 hours per update to ~30 minutes.

Story Due to your horny personality at work you are forced to retire. Being tired of how unfair the situation was, you only wish to commit sudoku. Attractive fox girl saves you and offers you a job that you cannot refuse. You will need to face many challenges, ultimately creating a guild to defeat them. Anticipating of what awaits, you take a chance at this venture.

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