Harmony Girls [v0.2.85 Public] By Osirian

Osirian Games released a new game called Harmony Girls and the version is 0.2.85 Public. The game’s story is about Explore the life of a young woman named Lily, set to follow a career in sex work and brothel management. Upgrade your character stats and maximize earnings in a sex based minigame with smooth and realistic animations. Socialize with others to discover their secrets and even recruit them to your business.​

Developer: Osirian
File Size: 654.8 MB
Version: 0.2.85 Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.2.85 Public
This is a small update focused on making the new player experience more enjoyable and fixing underlying game issues.

  • Added 6 new animated renders
  • Finish up the final Claire Collab event
  • Repeat the video making with Claire whenever you want
  • Quality settings have been added for lower VRAM/RAM requirements
  • Overhauled the sound effects system and added sounds to every image
  • Old event hints have all been updated to help progression
  • Added icons to show what type of skill is used for each minigame action
  • Added other small QoL changes like top menu hints and better minigame mouseover hints


  • Added 8 new animated renders
  • Added the optional Challenge Mode with entirely new perks, customizable difficulty, and 3 new unique temporary perks
  • Changed the minigame UI to increase max arousal to 10 from 5.
  • Added a new clothing feature for Claire (will retrofit to Lily in the future)
  • Finished Claire’s Working Girl Storyline
  • Expanded Jamie’s storyline
  • Introduced a new character
  • Began Sara’s virginity arc
  • Combined the shop and inventory panels to a single panel with a single button
  • Made the top menu buttons smaller and gave video making it’s own button
  • Made the gallery unlock/relock button obvious
  • Changed the base font to make the UI easier to read
  • Compressed images to reduce overall game size

Game Images & Screenshots


Win/Linux: HarmonyGirls-0.2.85-pc.zip – 741.1 MB
Mac: HarmonyGirls-0.2.85-pc.zip – 741.1 MB

 (v0.2.5 -> v0.2.85): HarmonyGirlsv0.2.5-v0.2.85PC.zip – 89.2 MB
Mac (v0.2.5 -> v0.2.85): HarmonyGirlsv0.2.5-v0.2.85MAC.zip – 90.3 MB





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