High School Days [v0.160] By El Ciclo

El Ciclo Games released a new game called High School Days and the version is 0.160. The game’s story is about The game is an Adult DateSim/Visual Novel made with Ren’Py. It follows the story of “Andy,” a young student who has to make the best of a family crisis. Having to move in with his grandmother while his parents sort things out, in the city, he will be reunited with friendly faces and meet new people, some of whom will be friends, and others not so much.​

Developer: El Ciclo
File Size: 1.42 GB
Version: 0.160
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Fixed in 0.15v

  • Error in the sex scene
  • Some of Jessie’s items are left on the to-do list
  • Ginger’s sprite adjustments
  • Old variable was removed from the game
  • Variable not defined properly
  • Background not showing while texting with Latisha and Sophie
  • Cat girl, Wolf girl and Fox girl not defined
  • Checking the phone error

New in 0.15v

  • New event for Chloe
  • New event for Frida
  • Added 1 new outfit for Frida
  • Added 1 new outfit for Ginger
  • New Minigame: Painting
  • New Minigame: Darts
  • Added 18 new images
  • Added 8 new videos

New in version 0.14v

In this release we adding a new feature in which the MC can go on a trip with a girl, these will be special events where, if the player completes the necessary requirements, he can spend a weekend with one or two girls in some new place.

New in 0.14v

  • Expanded the Airport Location: Front and Terminal
  • Expanded the Gym location: Gym area, Locker (you can change clothes here), Hallway and Sauna
  • Added 3 new outfits for the MC
  • Added 2 new outfits for Felicia
  • Added a new outfit for _____
  • Added a new outfit for _____ (this isn’t a typo, there two girls with new outfits)
  • Added whole new map for Winter Vacations:
  • – Hotel: Front, Hallway, Room and Backyard Jacuzzi
  • – Skiing minigame
  • – Skating minigame
  • – Snowboarding minigame
  • Added 15 new images
  • Added 9 new videos
  • Added new panties sniffing scenes for Ginger

Fixed in 0.14v

  • Tickets missing after replaying the Gala Event
  • The HINT pop up shows not in the correct order
  • Stella not showing at the Sex Shop sometimes
  • Some questions don’t appear in Willy’s options
  • Monster ritual doesn’t end correctly if time runs out
  • Fix the MC sprite since it looked like his back was hunch
  • Some galleries links where broken
  • Some galleries items remain closed even after been unlocked
  • You need to have sex with Ginger twice before starting the Gala event
  • Fix Stella sprite, made her more natural
  • Felicia not showing at the club sometimes
  • Error with Ms. Principal if leaving the school
  • Can’t ask Chloe for a job
  • Bug after getting new panties for the briefcase and going to your room
  • Ashley not showing correctly in the last update

Game Images & Screenshots


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