Hilichurl’s Girl [v0.0.22] By LilCocogoat

LilCocogoat Games released a new game called Hilichurl’s Girl and the version is 0.0.22. The game’s story is about Immerse yourself in the perilous yet intriguing realms of Teyvat… Ah, never mind. You’ll step into the shoes of Sucrose, an alchemist fallen from grace, now beholden to the unlikely shelter of a friendly Hilichurl. Left abandoned without support or resources, Sucrose delves into the dark bowels of caverns in search of precious alchemical reagents. There are also places that serve as havens for trade and communication with the Hilichurls. These once-wild beings now engage in trade and conversation, yet they still retain their wild, unpredictable nature. Take part in the hustle and bustle of the Hilichurl market, exchanging your finds for essential items or powerful upgrades.Khm… Caves… : )

Trade: Sell the items you find to hilichurls, as well as purchase various trinkets. Explore: Beautiful (as I believe) caves, where it is easy to get lost. Survive: Avoid lustful monsters, heed your strategy and skills to stay alive. Oh, they can rape you!

Developer: LilCocogoat
File Size: 215.7 MB
Version: 0.0.22
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.0.22 Release

Developer Notes:

  • Looking forward to creating more epic gaming adventures together!
  • What’s coming up?
    Costumes: Personalize your character’s style.
    More Sex: Stay tuned.
    More Maps: Discover new areas in upcoming updates.
    More Enemies: Prepare for a tougher survival challenge in future releases.
    More Interaction and Items: Expand your gameplay with more in-game elements.
  • Stay tuned for updates as more features will be added in future releases.

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