In No Need For Love [v0.6i] By Hakunak

Hakunak Games released a new game called In No Need For Love and the version is 0.6i. The game’s story is about In this game, you will play the role of a handsome guy who always wants to experience non-binding relationships. Will you continue with such a lifestyle, or will you try to find someone that you truly love? Being a gentleman or being an asshole will depend on your choices. Every choice in the game is important, leading to different endings. There will be only one path that you have to choose correctly to get all the girls. Alternatively, you can also “In No Need For Love” if that’s the path you want.

Developer: Hakunak
File Size: 743.6 MB
Version: 0.6i
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Update new content



  • Add new content.
  • In this version, you may miss the scene you want because your choice will lead to different scenes. Make the correct choice or go back to the previous choice if it leads you to scenes you don’t want.


  • Add new content.
  • Add New Sounds and Music.
  • Bug fix update.


  • Add new content.
  • Add New Sounds and Music.
  • Bug fix update.
  • (You should still start over from a fresh game to update the mc stats. That will avoid errors later when I add new branches. As of later versions, there will be no need to do so anymore.)


  • Add new content.
  • Add New Sounds and Music.
  • Bug fix update.
  • (If you start the game from version 0.1, you should start over from New game to avoid bugs.)

Initial Demo

Developer Notes:

After getting your support with the first two game demos, I upgraded my device a bit to be able to perform my product better (Although it was just an upgrade from a card video gt 630 to a gt 1030, lol). I was able to do the graphics a little better. I am still on my way to hone my skills and learn, So the product will definitely have many errors. But I hope that I will always be persistent and try to create better content for you. Thank you very much.

Game Images & Screenshots


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