Infested Cataclysm [v0.1.3a] By Grey Goo Scion

Grey Goo Scion Games released a new game called Infested Cataclysm and the version is 0.1.3a. The game’s story is about Infested Cataclysm takes place in a fictional universe in the year 20XX where a virus known as the “Infested Virus” has transformed a vast amount of the city of Civiton’s adult population into sex obsessed mutant zombies. Your character must survive the mean streets of Civiton which is filled with these Infested while trying to uncover the truth behind this Infested Cataclysm.​

Developer: Grey Goo Scion
File Size: 702.6 MB
Version: 0.1.3a
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added: The Spring/April event has been added with a thirsty nun obsessed with fertility. She can be found as a home event and will more often show up in the months of April & May (IRL).
  • Added: Bad Ending #1. It’s hard to be a hero when you are pregnant and so your character will have to retire in order to take it easy for the next 9 months. As of right now only one fertility obsessed sister can cause this Bad Ending and it has a low chance of happening. At the end of a Bad Ending you have a choice to have it to just be a dream or to start a New Game+.
  • Added: Bad End #2. Starving to death can make it a bit rough for a person to figure out the mystery behind the Infested Virus. The Starving status kicks in after 21 stacks of the Hungry status has been gained which is about a week of eating no food and can be dispelled eating any food item.
  • Added: New Game+ allows you start the game over with all your experience, levels, stats, class, equipment, items, and cash kept. It will reset all events, quests, sex history and NPCs back to their initial starting settings. You are given a choice to keep any Infested levels, any special Infested Types aka Futa you might have along with changes to sexual organs or choose to revert back to how you were at the beginning on your adventure, appearance wise at least. Right now it can only be accessed from the Bad Endings.
  • Added: Potent Fertility general feat. This feat increases the base chance of impregnation for your character and for certain sub-types of Infested from 5% to 55%. This feat can be toggled on/off in the Smartphone options.
  • Modified: Changed cum/girl-cum stored pregnancy modifiers from + 0.1 per point to +0.2 point.
  • Modified: Changed the Hunger system to only tick up once per missed meal for a total of 3 per day. Eating/Storing food will lower the food deficient along with your stacks of Hunger.
  • Modified: Added Keep/Revert choice to New Game+
  • Modified: NewGame+ resets sex history
  • Modified: Modified Seasonal Events. Now the first time you have a home event during the seasonal/holiday time frame the new seasonal event is guaranteed to show up. After that there’s a higher chance for a repeat during the seasonal time frame but it shouldn’t be enough to crowd out the other events.
  • Fixed: Fixed the Athlete’s Flurry attack so it properly attacks twice
  • Fixed: Updated Messy Sprayer general feat’s text to match the affect
  • Fixed: Various mismatched cases of Capitalization (Please let me know if you find any of these!)
  • Fixed: Fixed Dr. FuckHard’s Male to Futa surgery not actually changing the PC’s sex to Futa.
  • Fixed: Hunger status not being removed by storing food.

Developer Notes:

This game contains adult imagery and themes, and should not be played by anyone under the age of 18

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