Intergalactic Ecstasy [Demo] By HFTGames

HFT Games released a new game called Intergalactic Ecstasy and the version is Demo. The game’s story is about In this Epic Sexual Adventure , Penny Patty Piper travels the universe fighting monsters and completing Heroic Sexual Challenges to earn the fabled Erotesian Stones, the keys to unlocking the path to a Planet where Sexual Pleasure is the purpose of life.​

Developer: HFT
File Size: 840.3 MB
Version: Demo
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Includes a tutorial level

Developer Notes:

Intergalactic Ecstasy is a real-time 3D Adventure RPG where you play as Penny Patty Piper, a spunky space explorer who is as tough as she is horny. Penny fights her way through distant planets to collect the five Erotesian Stones, stopping to quench her thirst for sex at every opportunity. In order to “Earn” each of the Erotesian Stones, she must complete a Brazen Sexual Challenge to prove she is worthy of the prize.

Penny encounters all manner of aliens on her journey. Some want to kill her, some want to make her their next meal, and some want to share an epic sexual experience with her. Penny is ready for every challenge, and has no problem shooting her way through any alien enemy she may encounter.

Intergalactic Ecstasy combines Science Fiction Action-Shooter gameplay with an engaging, hot erotic story and realtime-3D sexual encounters where you control the view and the action. The story of Penny Patty Pipers intergalactic sexual exploits is a humor-filled, epic sexual journey through the sexy side of the universe.

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