Invisible Man VR In Eleanor’s Room [v1.91] By GamesSafu

Safu Games released a new game called Invisible Man VR In Eleanor’s Room and the version is 1.91. The game’s story is about Exclusively for VR Become invisible and visit your neighbour’s house. In this title, the 3D character “Eleanor” lives freely in her own residence and the content of the game is to observe and misbehave with it.​

Developer: Safu
File Size: 505.9 MB
Version: 1.91
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Readjustment of NPC weights
Improved HtcVive usability

Developer Notes:

Hand trigger “Grab”.
Index trigger “Action key”.
1, 2, 3, 4 buttons “Menu”
Analogue stick “Move, turn”

The buttons and knobs can be operated by holding them.
With “Ejaculation speed” you can adjust the speed at which you have to keep swinging until the ejaculation mark appears.
With “Ejaculation stroke” you can adjust the distance between the deep part of the vagina and the ejaculation position.
Under ‘Height’ you can adjust the height.
With the ‘End game’ button you can quit the game at any time.

[Smart Phone]
Located on the player’s shoulder.
Eleanor’s status is on the screen.
Pressing the trigger allows you to skip events in progress.

[Ms Eleanor]
Touching Ms Eleanor while she is awake will startle her.
The fear gauge will increase and if it reaches maximum, the game is over.
While she is asleep, you can hold and move her body.
You can remove her clothes by pressing the action keys on her chest or between her legs.

[During H-scenes]
While the player is holding his what?
Eleanor’s crotch or mouth and press the trigger.
The player can shift to the H-scene.
Shake the controller to move your object.
If you keep shaking the controller for a certain amount of time, the ejaculation symbol will appear and you can ejaculate by aligning the arrows.
Alternatively, you can ejaculate at any time by pressing the action key.
If you want to stop, you can either skip the scene. Or you can hold your hand again.

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