Law of Attraction [S1 Ep. 1-6] By Cherrylicious Studios

Cherrylicious Studios Games released a new game called Law of Attraction and the version is S1 Ep. 1-6. The game’s story is about You a young man from a wealthy family, and you have just graduated from college with a law degree. Unfortunately, your life has fallen apart: your girlfriend has dumped you, and your playboy father has split up with your mother and taken all the family money with him. To top it all off, you have failed to get an unpaid internship at any of the law firms you applied. Forced to fend for yourself in this new, poorer, harsher world, you’ll need to use your wits to navigate your career, relationships, alcohol, and sex.​

Developer: Cherrylicious Studios
File Size: 2.83 GB
Version: S1 Ep. 1-6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Season 1, Episodes 1, 2, 3 & 4 V1.2 released 2022-09-03

  • Episode 1-3 re-released with the following changes
  • Optional content now doesn’t prevent progress (plot related content still requires player to view the SMS / talk to the person before proceeding though)
  • File structure amended so that from now on downloads will just be the additional episode, not the whole shebang
  • Much better compression on all images and animations, means E1-E4 only 1.6Gb

Developer Notes:

  • S1E1-E3 is available for free download here or or patreon
  • S1E4: A Dog’s Day is available to all patrons
  • S1E5: Faux Sable has 1,000 plus renders and 45 new animations – available to patrons with early access
  • 6 major love interests (and lots of fun and fuckable side characters)
  • Several story branches, multiple endings mapped out
  • 100+ choices that could affect your career, relationships and finances
  • Lots of adults only fun, action and drama, ranging from vanilla to extremely exotic

About Cherrylicious Studios:

  • I’m Miss Cherrylicious, a female AVN game dev who has loved playing some of the better known games in this genre so much that I’ve decided to make one.
  • I’ve been hard at work creating Law of Attraction for 8 months: a smart, funny and deliciously naughty game which I hope you will have as much fun playing as I’ve had making. It is my first time coding and doing renders (of this kind, I do some rendering IRL) so please be kind, and give me lots of feedback!
  • Prepare to be captivated by a cast of beautiful women with 3-dimensional personalities, entertaining adventures and, of course, lots and lots of the good stuff! There are branching choices with an ever-expanding variety of naughty content you’ll enjoy – whether you like your ice-cream vanilla, or prefer to explore more exotic flavours of kink and depravity, you’ll be able to choose those paths. The current storyline and plan is to allow players to end up with just 1 girl at the end, or many in various configurations and combinations 
  • I’m aiming at releasing a new episode release every 4-6 weeks until Season 1 is complete. At the moment Season 1 has 7 episodes planned (so does Season 2).
  • Episodes 1-4 are completely free – give them a shot and consider supporting the game on Patreon if you want to play Episodes 5.

Game Images & Screenshots


Update Only (S1E1-E5 -> S1E1-E6)

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