Lecherous Village [v0.3.2] By GameBear

GameBear Games released a new game called Lecherous Village and the version is 0.3.2. The game’s story is about This game centers around a young girl who fled to the village of Wolfpine after losing all her money and getting into trouble with the law. Her current plan is to start a new life without having to look back. Unfortunately for her, the people of this village aren’t the most innocent folks. Most of them would surely try to corrupt her to their lecherous ways. Will she be able to start a new life and make a fortune here among the woods or is she going to succumb to corruption? Only time will show.​

Developer: GameBear
File Size: 1.10 GB
Version: 0.3.2
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


It took me more than six months to put this update together, and I’m thrilled to say that all the gameplay mechanics are now good to go. The global map and exploration features are next in line, scheduled for release in February. I’m giving them some finishing touches on the UI side of things.

In this update, you’ll find a bunch of cool additions like an updated dialogue system, village management tools, visual events with scene options, inventory improvements, village upgrades, sounds and more. Everything is right there for you to explore.

On the content side of things, I’ve given the game lore a major facelift. This means I’m tweaking a lot of the old game content to fit seamlessly into the new version. I’ll be reworking old events and adding in new ones that align with the fresh lore. Currently, there are six events available in this version, and I’ve got more along with the new ones in the works for the next release.

New events:

  • James 06
  • James 07
  • Gort’s Shop 07
  • Keira 06
  • Lynn’s Training 01 – unlocked automatically after Borus 04 event
  • Lynn’s Training 02 – unlocked automatically after Borus 04 event
  • Peeking on Ravena 01 – unlocked automatically after James and Ravena 05 event
  • Peeking on Ravena 02 – unlocked automatically after James and Ravena 05 event
  • Event changes:

Current content amount:

Scenes: 79
Images: 620
Animations: 16

Game Images & Screenshots


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