Love ♪ Comp! [v0.3.2] By Kagami Works

Kagami Works Games released a new game called Love ♪ Comp! and the version is 0.3.2. The game’s story is about is a mix of dating simulation and visual novel, incorporating elements of roaming, stat-raising, extensive writing, and various activities. After an unfortunate accident, our protagonist loses his home and last means of survival. On the brink of despair, he receives a lifesaving invitation from his uncle to live on an island far from civilization’s hustle and bustle. However, upon arrival, Seiya finds his uncle missing, and instead, he’s greeted by his cousin Hana. It turns out her parents have taken a long vacation to celebrate their marriage anniversary, leaving Hana and Seiya to fend for themselves.

Developer: Kagami Works
File Size: 789.9 MB
Version: 0.3.2
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

General Changes

  • Reworked the location phone function! Now you can click on icons to fast travel. Added event tracking for side-heroines.
  • Improved text outline during transparent textboxes in all game events for better readability.
  • Tutorials can now be revisited at the protagonist’s PC.
  • Added several new tutorials to help new players navigate the game.
  • Updated the content of some older tutorials to be easier to understand (including updated visual cues).
  • Added new visual cues to indicate when affection gain stops until the next ‘Love’ level is reached.


  • Several lines of narration and dialogue were refined to sound more natural.


  • Added new CGs for “Show Panties” and “Show Pussy” Action System interactions.


  • Fixed a bug where H-skills were displayed together with the protagonist’s battle skills during a battle sequence in one of Ayano’s events.
  • Fixed a bug where Hana’s “Takimoto’s Generosity” skill wasn’t removing the Stun effect from enemies in the same Ayano event.


  • Fixed a bug where the event notification was displayed incorrectly after finishing the “Kaho’s General Store” event.

Game Images & Screenshots


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