Mad Adventure [v0.8] By MorbusGreaves

MorbusGreaves Games released a new game called Mad Adventure and the version is 0.8. The game’s story is about Mad Adventures is a Visual Novel/Sandbox style game. My name is MC, recently i moved out of my parents house into an apartment near my university. Everything was going great on my life, until.. I went to visit my parents one day, and they’re weren’t there. My parents, suddenly they disappeared, out of nowhere… I tried calling them, but the phone was out of reach. I called the police after some time, they asked some questions, and said they’re going to look for them. I got to find out what happened to them, maybe someone that worked with them know something, or maybe a friend? When i was a kid, i always asked about their job, and they always told me that they were scientists, and worked for the government, but nothing more.

But for now, i’m moving to the house of a old friend of my mum, since i have no money to pay for rent. She lives in the other side of the city, i haven’t seen her since i was a kid, i used to be best friends with her daughter growing up. Maybe my mom and her didn’t have a good relationship after i grew up, since i haven’t seen her in such a long time, i spoke to her on the phone since she was the only one in town at the moment, and she seemed okay with me living there for a while.

Developer: MorbusGreaves
File Size: 290.0 MB
Version: 0.8
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 5 New events – Mostly Susannah and Brianne related
  • Around 156 new images
  • 10 New animations


  • Around 130 Images
  • 7 new animations
  • 4 Events – Mostly introductions to a bunch of new characters
  • I believe 7 new characters that I had to prepare.
  • 2 New locations that I prepared fully to have scenes in.
  • Advanced the sleep interaction with Susannah(3 animations here without counting the different speeds and simple low count frame animations)
  • Added a new anal animation for Giannah in the living room at night(You can only see this after her third event in the morning living room)
  • 3 Animations for Debra(New Character) working out at the gym.


  • 6 New events
  • 4 new animations
  • Around 170 new renders added
  • The 2 new Giannah’s animations are repeatable after you see their events, you just need to find her in the place of the animation at the right time and day of the week.


  • More spelling errors fixed
  • 1 Event only with 2 animations
  • 5 small animations that are triggered with the schedule system(when you talk to characters on the house)
  • Started adding some repeatable scenes, so now you can repeat Giannah blowjob scene on the living room at night, and Susannah pool scene
  • I added some interactions with Giannah when she’s wearing her “Nightwear” or pajamas, I’m not really sure about this you guys tell me. The upside is, those interactions can occur anywhere she’s wearing the same clothes, otherwise I would just have to render different interactions for every place she’s in the house(which would be better, but it just would take more time).
  • Finished making all the buttons for Sue and Giannah, now I just need to start adding small interactions and animations for them, Susannah will have different actions for every place she is. These interactions are unlocked through playing the game, and they can change their reactions based on what part of the game you are with that character.
    Here’s how to see every new content, I’ll put this here, so you don’t have to keep looking for it, because for new players in the future they will find them naturally through the gameplay hopefully and there will be much more of these (BTW most of these events will have progressions after some updates).


Developer Notes:


  • Visual Novel with sandbox elements
  • Dating sim with multiple event endings
  • Event system so you can progress mostly,
  • with the characters of your choice at your own pace

FEATURES to come:

  • World Map
  • Day/Night cycle
  • RPG-esque stats
  • Mini Games
  • Main plot and side missions

Game Images & Screenshots


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