Magical Girl – Magical Girl Breasty [v1.08] By Lovely Pretty Ultra Loving You

Lovely Pretty Ultra Loving You Games released a new game called Magical Girl – Magical Girl Breasty and the version is 1.08. The game’s story is about Due to various circumstances, Ayase-san, a dark girl who is forced to fight as an overexposed magical girl, works hard at exposing herself to collect magical power, appears on TV, and becomes a masturbation pet for the boys in her class. She gradually awakens to the pleasures of a perverted woman, and in the end falls to the point of becoming the shared impregnated wife of the men around her. A morally corrupted school life reliving exposure shame SRPG!!!!

◆Synopsis◆ The evil hands of an unknown invader from another world are approaching Kagami City!! Chigusa Ayase, a secretive girl who attends the prestigious Komiya Academy, was chosen to become a magical girl who fights by turning the power of her wishes into magical power after being recognized by the mysterious magical creature Nyuuru. …! …But when the true nature of her hidden wish, which she is not even aware of, is revealed, her destiny begins to go awry.

Gradually distorting notions of chastity, changing human relationships… Instead, a desire for recognition and a sense of freedom grow within her, a woman’s joy… Will her future be filled with victory and hope, or corruption and destruction…!?

The story of a magical girl who works hard at exposing herself every day and occasionally fights against monsters, begins here…!!

◆Situation◆ In order to secure the “magic power” to use in battle, the heroine must hide her true identity and expose herself. Exposure under the guise of trouble within the school, appearing on obscene variety shows, operating behind-the-scenes accounts…etc. At first, she tries to expose herself by making excuses to avoid defeat, but as she receives the passionate gaze of the opposite sex, her state of mind changes…

Developer: Lovely Pretty Ultra Loving You
File Size: 1.10 GB
Version: 1.08
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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