Manor [Alpha 15] By TirelessLurker

TirelessLurker Games released a new game called Manor and the version is Alpha 15. The game’s story is about is a game in which you transform a manor full of visitors into creepy, near identical maids (or non-identical alraunes/succubi, or identical maids if you set the option). It looks like a board game, but it’s more of a sim game. It’s inspired by Escape the Manor (a Student Transfer scenario by Narg) and (with permission) the characters and flavour draw heavily from it; other inspirations include similar stuff in other games (for example Chambers of Pandemonium).​

Developer: TirelessLurker
File Size: 517.4 MB
Version: Alpha 15
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Alpha 15 P5

  • Increased the max upgrade level of upgradeable rooms
  • Fixed ritual room starting at level zero
  • Fixed negative effects from going over cap applying in non-extended mode
  • Controlled bees and alraunes should now hide when exchanging themselves for contribution
  • Fixed it being impossible to have controlled bees and alraunes exit stasis + Hopefully fixed issues with empowerment being cancelled randomly
  • Added the Angelica maid image set; new default for identical maids
  • Maids can now be ordered to compliment traitors, and to offer them massages or sex + Added an option to continue in extended mode to the end game screen
  • Added extended mode details to the manual, and made changes to the tutorial
  • Finally, Alpha 15 proper.
  • Hopefully fixed a traitor related crash
  • Offering a deal to a visitor now requires that they be able to listen
  • Fixed display of Angelica’s maid image when alternate outfits is on
  • Fixed the current appearance of a maid being listed as an option for change appearance in several cases
  • Fixed maids attending traitors who are asked for sex losing track of their attend to goal
  • Hopefully fixed succubi getting into a strange state where they are no longer possible to properly remove from play. Fixes existing broken succubi as a side effect
  • Hopefully fixed the empowerment cancellation issues
  • Door locking actions can no longer be set if they will take you over the door lock cap. If you set unlock actions, you can set additional lock actions, but the unlock actions will not be cancellable until cancelling them does not cause you to go over the lock limit
  • All player side characters, other than traitors, can now freely unlock manor doors. This may have bad side effect behaviours (e.g. succubi/beegirls unlocking doors they shouldn’t)
  • Hopefully fixed a crash occurring under certain conditions due to forgotten memories
  • Alraunes in stasis can now be dragged around to allow them to be empowered (and for fun). They can only exit stasis in a yard
  • Fixed alraune getting extra hidden trackers when entering stasis

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