Milfs and War [v0.06beta] by Star✨GameZ

Star Games released a new game called Milfs and War and the version is 0.06beta. The game’s story is about Two great kingdoms were at war with each other. Every capable man in both countries is fighting in the war. In the midst of this, a man who has lost all of his memories appears in a village full of busty women. What will he do? And who is he?​

Developer: Star
File Size: 373.1 MB
Version: 0.06beta
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Give it a fresh start
    Added Emma quest line
    Choose between the two routes (submissive and dominative).
    Update some of Evelyn, Anne, Susan, and Rani’s renders.
  • #Game mechanics
    Added energy system.
    Changed quest system (don’t think there is a need for a walkthrough, but still provide one later).
    Increase the hour by clicking on it.
    Added some visual bits

Developer Notes:

Hey, I’m a new adult game developer with a crazy creative mind. My aim is to produce adult games that have lots of twist and are full of story, for you all to enjoy. There will be few shortcomings in it, but I will learn and by each update I will make it better. If like this game, if you want to support this game, if you can support this game then please do support this game.

Game Images & Screenshots


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