Monster Tutor [v0.1.3] By Nuteku

Nuteku Games released a new game called Monster Tutor and the version is 0.1.3. The game’s story is about you step into the shoes of a professor unexpectedly sent to teach at Netherworld Academy, a university for monster girls. Right from the start, your job is anything but normal. On day one, you meet Azazel, a troublemaker demon; Phanta, a shy ghost; and Josa, a vampire who’s not too thrilled about having a human teacher. Do you have what it takes to tutor these girls and form a connection with them, despite being the only human in the Netherworld?​

Developer: Nuteku
File Size: 746.3 MB
Version: 0.1.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added 9 translations done by AI (Spanish, Russian, German, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Portuguese, French). Language selection is available in the menu.
  • Added a new Monster Girl: Ember (Dragon Girl)
  • Added 2 mini-events and 1 main event for Ember.
  • Added 1 mini-event and 1 main event for Mari (Bee Girl)
  • Added 1 mini-event for Zelja (Orc Girl)
  • Added 1 mini-event for Melody (Cyclops Girl)
  • Added 1 date event for Azmara
  • Added 50 new voice lines for Erika.
  • Added second floor to the school map. Currently, the only room is the Lounge.
  • Added the teacher’s lounge which contains original characters created by our Patreon members.
  • Added 6 new girls to the lounge.
  • Added art-room to feature fan art.
  • Reworked the selection menu for all the girls for enhanced readability and more consistent style.
  • Fixed jank between navigating menus, such as the back button taking you to the interaction menu when you don’t want it to during some menu events.
  • Added icons to the task menu for better accessibility.
  • Added a super-secret door somewhere in the school.
  • Updated the prologue to have a narrated introduction at the beginning alongside additional animations throughout the intro.
  • Updated the overlays that appear during events for better stylization.
  • Updated the textbox for better stylization.
  • Updated the main menu with new buttons and a new font.
  • Updated the game’s logo.
  • Fixed minor grammatical and continuity errors.
  • Various other bug-fixes and minor polish updates.
  • Added moving bar at the bottom of the main menu as the credit for my Patreon Supporters.
  • Added custom quit screen for PC/Mac/Linux users.
  • Updated navigation menu.
  • Updated outlines and sprites throughout school map to be higher quality. (Less pixelization!)


  • Added 9 new Monster girls, 1 of which is already available to Tutor. The rest will come soon in a future update dedicated to them!
  • 60 brand new CGs (some of Azazel’s had to be overhauled for various issues)
  • Over 94+ NEW voice lines
  • Overhauled Interaction Menu that features two new menus: School and Tasks.
  • Added tutorial after the prologue to briefly explain the role of each item in Interaction Menu
  • Task Menu provides a list of remaining tasks (like a hint system) for you to do to progress in the game
  • 2 new events with Phanta and Azazel
  • 2 new events with Erika, the new Slime girl.
  • 1 date event with Fio, the bartender wolf.
  • Implemented a school map system which will be HEAVILY built upon in the next update to provide more ways to interact with the world and girls. For now, it can be used to briefly talk with a few new Monster girls around the school and activate an event with the Slime Girl, Erika.
  • Revamped the Main Menu for Android users to be more accessible
  • Revamped the Discord and Patreon buttons to be more clear and visible in the main menu.
  • Updated the Quick Menu to be more stylized and visible
  • Updated the textbox and dialogue box to be more visible and stylized
  • Added a “Textbox Opacity” option to adjust the opacity of the text and name-boxes.
  • Added a “Hide UI” button to the quick menu to hide the game UI

Developer Notes:

This game will always be free to play. However, supporters will have early access to new updates before the public/free release. If you like the game and want to support its development, please consider checking out my Patreon. Along with early build access, you get updates, polls, your name in the game credits, and more rewards to come!

Game Images & Screenshots


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