My Hypnotized Family [v0.32] By The Naughty Three

Naughty Three Games released a new game called My Hypnotized Family and the version is 0.32. The game’s story is about In this story, you are a young psychology major, who manages to lose his job, his girlfriend, and a place to live all in a matter of two months and is forced to go back to live with his family: his mom, who is a hot curvy MILF nurse in her 40s and your two sisters (both over 18, naturally). Your older sister seems to hate your guts, dresses in gothic style, wears long dark fingernails and has the roundest sexiest big ass you’ve ever seen. Your younger sister is much more naïve, cute, sweet, and kind. She is very close to you and loves candy, stuffed animals, and pink. Her fresh petite breasts constantly distract you from helping her do her homework.

Mom introduces you to her friend, a local hypnotherapist, and being a psychology graduate, you are hired as her assistant. Every day you observe how she hypnotizes her patients. The more you see her do it, the more tempting it becomes to hypnotize the women in your family to become yours and yours only… P.S. The game will not have NTR (only some optional lesbian stuff, easily avoided), and there are love routes for all characters, where they are happy and retain their personality and agency. Dad is not in the picture since mom divorced him years ago, got the house and small alimony in a difficult legal battle, and there is no communication with him.

IMPORTANT! The art and writing in the game has been completely reworked! So far only the intro of new version is playable, including the first proper sex scene (animation added too)! We are working day and night to update the graphics and writing until day 5 where the game is story-wise! WARNING! Old saves from old version of the game with previous art and writing will not work properly, so please start over.

Developer: Naughty Three
File Size: 393.3 MB
Version: 0.32
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added new scenes featuring hypnotized Helen and Lucy
  • Choose from various route options for Helen
  • Enjoy Lucy’s seductive cunt play under your hypnotic influence
  • Pubic hair option for Tilda in Day 6 (hair or no hair)
  • Official custom MC name changed to Alex
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes


  • Full mind control scene with MC making a woman (not family member) submit to him and eventually support him financially with her husband’s money
  • Full graphic illustration of phone call between Stella and MC, when she drives to her mom’s
  • This marks the end of Part 1 of the game, where MC is still not in full “corrupt my family” mode. Starting from the next game day, he will focus solely on corrupting the girls in the family, making them his and only his, until they are all under his control, then he will choose a route and main girl for Part 3.
  • Small bugfixes


  • New Mom scene added
  • New Lucy scene added
  • Scene replay gallery, where any sexual event can be watched over and over again
  • Now pubic hair in all sex scenes can be turned on and off in settings (everyone but Lucy – she shaves her snatch clean)
  • By popular demand fast Game Overs now don’t send you to title screen, but back to the moment you can make another choice
  • Game Overs that are very long now have warnings when to save the game and if game over is reached, a hint is shown.
  • All bugs around webcam placement are fixed


  • All art and writing finally remade and absolutely new content added
  • Day 4 and Day 5 finished
  • Stella vs Mom drunk harassment scene
  • Helen hypnosis scene with first route choice (Sub vs Perv)
  • Mom hypnosis scene wth first route choice (Love vs Harem)
  • Multiple ways to screw up and get a game over (Sorry, that’s how this game goes: nod to old Sierra adventure games)


  • Day 3 finished
  • Masturbation and squirting scene with mom
  • MC’s dream including all three girls pregnant + pregnant sex with Lucy
  • Some additional illustrations

v0.27 Release (one big juicy sex scene added):

  • Scene with 14 images of Lucy sucking MC’s dick
  • Plus, please, check out previous release log – we didn’t push the post to updates during previous update, considering it not big enough, so many users missed that update

Developer Notes:

With our first game, we’ve decided to follow a classic (and our favorite) “slow corruption, incest, mind control” canon, but put a lot of soul into it: we are trying hard to make characters deeper, their relationships more dynamic, put a lot of thinking into the writing, art, and music (all original). We even consulted an actual hypnotherapist to make hypnosis more realistic.

Also, since this is the teamwork of an artist, coder, and writer, we have promised ourselves to make very regular updates (at least once every two months).

Game Images & Screenshots


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