Nefarius Evil Plot [v0.18] By bobdenard32

bobdenard32 Games released a new game called Nefarius Evil Plot and the version is 0.18. The game’s story is about You play Sandra, a wannabe super heroine in a world of super heroes. At the same time you also try to live, as much as possible, the life of a normal student at the university of Pala Olto. You have to attend classes during the day and fight villains the rest of the time.​

Developer: bobdenard32
File Size: 186 MB
Version: 0.18
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Solved the chipset dream chance modification not working. You should be able to change the chance of having the chipset dream and the chance of experiencing a dream.

Developer Notes:

  • The game is made with Twine with the story format Sugarcube and requires a browser to play.
  • The game has currently several limitations:
  • Mid development some testers reported performance issues. It is probably due to my lack of variable optimization as I used most of the historical variable from the rags game. I had to lower the number of history state, meaning that you can only rollback 5 times.
  • The side menu use this history to display the current events correctly. If you bounce from one to another without leaving properly you will be stuck in an infinite loop. By default you have an history 100 so it gets pretty hard to hit this, but with a value of 5 it is fairly easy.
  • Be careful when using the rollback or accessing a menu during a fight. The outcome will probably surprise you. Some random value are currently still generated directly in the page, meaning they are different each time.
  • No mini map… I tried to implement one, I would love to have one but it was too complicated for me. It was too complicated for me to implement and too complicated to position in my current layout.

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