Nel’s Misfortune [v0.1 Demo] By Primal356

Primal356 Games released a new game called Nel’s Misfortune and the version is 0.1 Demo. The game’s story is about You are captured by a pirate gang who force you to track down a high value target they’ve been following. Can you do it? Will you end up as their slave? Or will you get enslaved by some other folks?

Developer: Primal356
File Size: 77.3 MB
Version: 0.1 Demo
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.1 Demo
Initial Release

Developer Notes:

  • This is one of my earlier works. Just like with my other earlier work, Crude Awakening, I don’t want to just leave it there, and pretend like it never happened 
  • , so I decided to make some fixes and I also added more images. The current version is short, but you can play it through until the end and there are multiple endings. From June 18, I will start working on a project titled Stellar Justice, because that is the one where I can cover everything with the daz3d engine. But in time I will return to this again, and I will further extend it, and replace everything with the daz3d stuff.
  • Walkthrough:
  • If Nel drinks two times in the pub she is going to lose the fight with Aarla. In this case she gets enslaved no matter what, either by Fiz or the pirates.
  • If Nel sleeps at least once instead of drinking she is going to beat Aarla, and one of the three things will happen:
  • 1. If Nel takes the nodes two times, there are no explosives onboard the Galilei and she gets captured by the pirates.
  • 2. If Nel takes the charges once, she blows up the ship in order to eliminate the pirates. But the explosion is not big enough and she still gets enslaved by them.
  • 3. If Nel takes the charges two times, she blows up the ship in order to eliminate the pirates. This time the explosion is big enough to kill them. After that Nel takes Fiz as her own slave and she embarks on her next venture.
  • The Registry path is VIP only. In here there are three outcomes:
  • 1. If Nel chooses pain she becomes a pony slave.
  • 2. If Nel chooses servitude she becomes a house cat.
  • 3. If Nel chooses pleasure she becomes a concubine.

Game Images & Screenshots

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