Of Devotion and Despondence [v0.2.14] By Earliestbird

Earliestbird Games released a new game called Of Devotion and Despondence and the version is 0.2.14. The game’s story is about Of Devotion and Despondence a visual novel with heavy RPG elements that follows the journey of a man exiled to a shifting world, a place where humans are not expected to survive for long. It is written in first-person narrative and tells an emotional story that focuses on mature prose, romance, and erotic scenes.​

Developer: Earliestbird
File Size: 566.3 MB
Version: 0.2.14
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v 0.2.14:

  • Added 11 new narrator voice lines – ranging from girl events, to adventure events, to start-of-day lines.
  • Remade several images with better visuals (meeting Mel for the first time, Dalena first fight, Bonni erotic scenes, etc).
  • Added an alternate outfit for each Aspect in the Patreon game version.
  • Added another Resident skillbar color shade between blue and purple.
  • Added 2 new items (Drops from 3rd Dungeon, scaling with Wild and Mindful).
  • Added a new Main Menu theme song.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed repeating a mushroom event.
  • Typo and wording fixes.
  • (Background changes in the code regarding Achievements)
  • Note: I’ve been working hard to release the game on Steam for a month now, only to be denied during the review process. It sucks, but it is what it is.
  • Regardless, I am now going to focus all my efforts on advancing the main story. I already have 3 different endings in mind. But I’m getting ahead of myself; the underwater zone comes first

Developer Notes:

Hey there! You’re looking at an early version of my game, a novel-with-visuals that aims to focus on three things: to provide a genuine romantic experience, dripping erotic scenes, and fun / original gameplay.

Currently the game is still barebones content-wise but there are many features already in place. There’s a fully working combat system, out-of-combat stats used during events, an inventory screen that ties into the day-cycle with the fusing mechanic, the residents screen for future girls, and the very beginnings of the building system.

The game might be buggy as hell. I only started my journey as a programmer a few months prior, so I apologize in advance for the myriad of technical issues that are surely on the horizon.

Game Images & Screenshots


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