Pandora’s Box 2 [v0.25] By Void Star

Void Star Games released a new game called Pandora’s Box 2 and the version is 0.25. The game’s story is about This game is a direct sequel to Pandora’s Box. The story takes place 19 years after the events of the first game. Both protagonists return in their role + a new female lead role. Your choices from the first game will be automatically detected and saved as long as you have finished it. If you haven’t, you can still play with a predetermined selection of choices.​

Developer: Void Star
File Size: 3.97 GB
Version: 0.25
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

220+ new renders.

  • Fetishes and sex scenes this update: Lesbians, Exhibitionism, Vaginal, French Kissing, Blowjob, Voyeur, NTR (optional), Creampie;
  • Started adding more details to the scenes. You can see this starting this update. A lot more details to the characters and scenes.
  • New characters and sex scenes with them (some in near future).

Developer Notes:

Hey everyone. I am pleased to say that the first version of PB 2 is ready. Due to time constraints I only had so much time to do content, so it’s not super packed with it due to many side factors that were needed to be done in the first update. Every character (even old ones) are new and changed accordingly to the time skip. New locations and changes to some of the UI. I tried to keep it in the spirit of the first game, so the overall feeling remains the same, nevertheless, a lot of things were improved from the last game which will be listed below. Also, I plan to continue releasing android versions from now on as well.

Game Images & Screenshots



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