Paradise Beach [v0.4.6] By El Tanque

El Tanque Games released a new game called Paradise Beach and the version is 0.4.6. The game’s story is about You play as a young man, who lives in an archipelago and that practically since he was a child, has been trained in fighting, use weapons, diving and survival tactics. During this time, you have lived with your father in your grandpa’s private island. But after the death of your father on a fishing trip, you discover that your grandfather is not only a weapons collector, but also a weapons dealer and where his fortune comes from. You don’t take this news very well, and you decide to leave that life and your grandfather, earn your life honestly as a fisher, and lead a quiet life… Or at least that is your intention.

Developer: El Tanque
File Size: 1.28 GB
Version: 0.4.6
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Basically the update is cosmetic, about 385 images have been changed, in which either faces, body proportions or general design have been modified.
  • Including the CM, Polina, Katyusha, Cherry, Abigail, Lili, Sharon, Molly, Giselle.
  • Some characters, such as Cherry, have been completely redesigned.
  • Tia has a little new content in her dating, but it’s not finished yet.
  • There are small scenes added in some events here and there.
  • And the start of the event with the Jensen girls, but it’s still a work in progress.

Developer Notes:

  • This game is not linear, events happen at different times of the day (morning, afternoon,
  • sunset, night, midnight and dawn).
  • Additionally, have events at breakfast, lunch and dinner, so new players may take a little time to adjust to that.
  • There is an in-game basic guide on how to advance in the story, but it is still under development.
  • The game doesn’t have many of the elements of traditional rpg games, you don’t have to level up the main character.
  • The map is somewhat large, but unless you want to, you don’t need to explore it all at first, you can familiarize yourself with it little by little.
  • You don’t need to do a thousand times each mission to make money, so there is no unnecessary grinding. (One time is sufficient for fishing missions).
  • The combat missions in the game are done in real time and not in turns.
  • The MC mouse movement is disabled. I’m sorry, but I never got used to play with the mouse guiding the character, maybe because since I was a child, I’ve always played on console (since NES), and on PC with WASD. So the shooting plugin that disables the mouse movement control doesn’t affect me at all, if it’s an impediment, then maybe this game is not for you.
  • There are girls with whom you already have a love relationship, others will need to be done if you want to advance in the story, and others is your choice if you want to relate to them. I encourage you to give all the girls a chance, you may not like them all at first, but I’m sure they will grow on you, after all this is a harem oriented game. 

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